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Your Spring Check List – Made in USA Must Haves For Spring

I can freely enjoy spring when all my winter chores are done and I have some new products to take on the new season.  Making sure all areas of my life are in order, from the garden to my wardrobe, and even down to my toes.  After being hidden in socks and boots all winter, they need to be fit for flip flops.   Once everything is ready for spring, I can enjoy all that the warmer weather has to offer.  Here are a few of my favorite routines, involving some of my favorite made in the USA products and must haves for Spring: 1) Open all of the windows on the first warm day and light a fresh candle.  One of my favorite scents is Free Spirit by Bridgewater Candle Company. Grab one of their new car vent clips which are great to freshen up the car. 2) Before packing away favorite sweaters or wool suits, freshen them up with a Dryel kit – in case you didn't know, it is in fact made in USA. The kit turns your dryer into a home dry cleaner and works especially well for knits. Once they are clean and fresh,  de-pill, fold neatly and tuck a few floral sachets between items or spritz your closet with a springtime scent from Greenleaf. Their pretty products are made in South Carolina. 3) Invest in a fresh pair of gardening...

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10 Garden Gadgets, Made in the USA

Spring is quickly turning to summer, the frost-danger dates have passed across most of the country, and from farms to apartments, people are thinking about gardening.  Here is a quick list of our 10 favorite garden gadgets, all made in USA. • The CobraHead Weeder and Cultivator is our favorite all-time gardening tool – the only one most gardeners will need. • You'll be able to quickly and neatly compost kitchen scraps with some wiggly fun with a Worm Factory Composting System. • For compact, indoor composting without the worm action, go for the fully Automatic Indoor Composter. • Treat yourself to some American-made comfort with a Recycled Inner Tube Keeling Pad. • Grow your own kitchen garden with this Herb Seed Kit, assembled in Poughkeepsie, NY by disabled adults at a non-profit workshop. • Amuse yourself and your garden's guests with these cute, colorful Cheeky Garden Stakes. • Engage in some guerrilla gardening by just tossing these Wildflower Seed Bombs made in Ohio wherever you hope to see more color. • You can enjoy a healthy culinary trend with a Micro Greens Growing Kit. • Try a GrowBottle, made from recycled wine bottles discarded from restaurants and turned into a self-watering seed starter. • And finally, watch mushrooms grow from spore to stir-fry with a Mushroom Growing Kit made in Oakland, CA All of these items, available at Uncommon Goods and Amazon, are made in the USA. Happy...

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