Crusoe Jewelry

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Jill’s Picks: Affordable American Made: 30 Gifts for $30 or Less

Everyone wants to find a great gift that won't break the bank. I've put together a list of 30 gifts for $30 or less for everyone on your list. They are all affordable American made, so you'll feel even better about your purchase! All USA Love List editors have created a 30 gifts under $30 list. Make sure to check out Tracey's, Angie's, and Sarah's lists for more made in the USA affordable gift ideas.  Solmate Socks loves making mismatched socks from recycled cottom that are meant to go together. Soulmates aren’t supposed to be identical, but the are supposed...

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10 Things We Love, Made in Brooklyn, Made in New York

After living in Brooklyn for the last seven years and now designing and creating in Brooklyn, I have developed a major affinity for all things Brooklyn.  The tree-lined streets and historic brownstones of Brooklyn combined with its laid-back attitude create the perfect foil to the frenetic pace of its sister city across the river.  The larger studio spaces and more affordable rents have created a haven for artists and designers, resulting in a borough filled with high quality, hand-crafted designs.  Below are some of my favorites, all made in Brooklyn. Made in Brooklyn, Made in New York Crusoe Jewelry: It...

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