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10 High Performance American Made Nail Polish Brands

Nail polish is an easy way to add seasonal trends into your style.  For fall, look at jewel tones and dark neutrals.  Using a seasonally on-trend color for your manicure is simple, yet adds current detail to your look.  Adding nail art adds even more possibilities.  The key to any well polished manicure is selecting high performance, American made nail polish.  Below you will find USA Love List's guide to gorgeous, tested, and approved nail polish. 10 High Performance American Made Nail Polish Brands Essie carries an extensive range of colors, many modern shades, and releases seasonal collections. O.P.I is one of...

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Shamrock-in’ Style With American Made Fashion Picks From Nordstrom

 St. Patty's Day is today! You don't have to wear a green t-shirt that says, “Happy St. Patty's Day!” to be festive. I'm all about being pratical, so I'm not the type to purchase something I can wear one day a year. Here are simple way to wear American made fashion and incorporate green into an a ‘rockin' look! You'll find all our American made fashion picks from Nordstrom. Dark jeans always create a slimming effect and I'm in love with CJ by Cookie ‘Joy' Stretch Skinny Jeans. They are a perfect look for St. Patrick's day, but can also easily transition...

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A New Look for the New Year – 5 Steps to An American Made Makeover

It's the Beginning of a New Year and time for a new look.  Now is the perfect time for an American made makeover.  Take some time for you and get yourself ready for 2014 by putting your best face forward.  I have pulled some ideas together, including old and new favorites, to propel your style forward. Step 1: Keep a great looking complexion.  A flawless face isn't all about the makeup, it truly starts with healthy skin.  Josie Maran Argan Oil provides tons of moisture and a semi matte finish. Step it up with a weekly exfoliation, my recommendation...

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Spring Fashions – Six Simple Trends – American-made Style.

Spring Forward with American Made Style This year, spring beauty trends are are all fairly wearable and easily translated into your everyday life. Many things are borrowed from other eras this season. The spring vibe is relaxed and reminiscent of the the easy going beauty looks of the 70's. You will spot the items below popping up everywhere as retailers get us ready for spring. Our featured products capture the look using made in the USA beauty supplies by some of the industry's top beauty brands. This makes them easier to find for almost everyone. Beachy waves. A nearly effortless hair style. One of the very few wash and wear hairstyles that actually looks like you tried. Use blow Pro Beach Blow Texturizing Mist  to spray, scrunch and go.  Spring style with a Summer flair. Glowing skin. The secret to the glowing and dewy face is good skin health and hydration. Regular exfoliation, moisturizer and a little help from modern BB cream doesn't hurt at all. Keep skin healthy with sunscreen and don't skip nightly face washing.  Apply Tarte BB Tinted Treatment  to freshly cleansed skin or on top of your regular moisturizer. Bold brows. The eyebrow is the frame of your face. Too much plucking and waxing can lead to an overly thin brow line over time. Fill your brows in a bit.  Keep them in place with a waxy...

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