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Give Some Love To Your Favorite Makers For the Martha Stewart American Made 2014 Awards

Have you heard of the Martha Stewart American Made 2014 Awards? In case you need to be schooled, this is the third year that American makers in the fields of crafts, design, food, and style are nominated to win $10,000 for a chance to grow their business. SHARE your favorites by Tuesday September 9 to influence the judges and move your favorites into the finalist round.  Simply click to their American Made 2014 Awards profile and share the profile on Facebook and/or Twitter so they can move on to become a finalists. Our Martha Stewart American Made 2014 Awards Picks Some of USA...

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Gatsby inspired styles to try today: American Made Flapper Fashion

It's not the first time I've written about fashion inspired by television and movies. In 2012 I put together a “Mad About Mad Men Style” post. Last year when the Great Gatsby came out in theaters, Gatsby inspired fashion was popping up everywhere and it hasn't gone anywhere.  When I think of flapper fashion, pearls, feathers, lace, and sequins come to mind. Here are our must haves for an iconic American Made flapper fashion look.  All these fashion picks are made in the USA! Dressing the part means calling attention to yourself.  I'd say my style is a mix...

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American Made Resort Style Must Haves

While it might be snowing where you are, I think it's safe to say we're all dreaming of white sandy beaches, sunny clear skies and mai tais.  If you're lucky enough to be headed somewhere warm, here are our top American Made Resort Style must haves this season. Sandals Made in the USA A trip to the beach wouldn't be complete without a pair of comfortable flip flops. For those who love Reef and Raindow sandals, Vere sandals are the perfect American made flip flop substitute. My father wore his to the beach and loved how comfortable they were!   The sandal features...

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