Preppy style is the quintessential American dress code. Clothing from iconic brands like Ralph Lauren, Lilly Pulitzer, and Tommy Hilfiger define American style. It's just too bad that their clothing isn't made here in the USA. Whether you're looking for men's, or women's clothing, there are lots of options for preppy, all American clothing that's made in the USA. Here are our top picks. 

The Best of Preppy Style: Made in the USA

Old Bull Lee: American Made Preppy Men's Fashion

Quality, American made men's clothing made in the USA can be hard to come by these days. Old Bull Lee is committed to making all its products in the states. The attention to detail, quality construction, and fabric is what makes Old Bull Lee's men's shorts, dress shirts, and board shorts so special, and something that we love! The mens' shorts come with deep front pockets, antique brass YKK zippers hidden behind the plaquette, and are made with durable duck cotton fabric. The button down shirts are fabricated with mother of pearl buttons and unprocessed cotton,

The dress shirts are made in Garland, North Carolina and the other products are all made in southern California.

Best of preppy style: American Made Mens Shorts Under $80 from Old Bull Lee #mensfashion #preppy #usalovelisted Best Preppy Style: American Made Mens Dress Shirts from Old Bull Lee #preppy #mensfashion #usalovelisted

Best preppy style: American Made Mens Clothing Under $80 from Old Bull Lee #preppy #mensfashion #usalovelisted Preppy Style: American Made Mens Patterned Twill Shorts Under $80 from Old Bull Lee #preppy #usalovelisted #mensfashion

Lily Trotters: American Made Preppy Socks For Her

Nothing pulls together a preppy look quite like socks do. Lily Trotters sassy fashion forward compression socks come in cool patterns, perfect for everyday wear. I love the weight of these socks too – they aren’t too heavy for summer, and offer some warmth during colder months.  

Preppy Style: American Made Fashion Compression Socks From Lily Trotter | 25 percent off coupon code SAVE25NO #preppy #mensfashion #usalovelisted

Preppy Style for Men

Bills Khakis pants, shorts, chamois shirts and sport shirts for men are all made in the USA.Preppy Style | Bills Khakis | Made in USA #preppy #usalovelisted #menfashion

Gitman Brothers all cotton shirts are made in Ashland, Pennsylvania. Gitman Brothers is featured in our source list of American made dress shirts and polo shirts for menPreppy Style | Gitman Brothers shirts | Made in USA #preppy #usalovelisted #menfashion

Brooks Brothers offers a selection of American made suits, shirts, ties and bow ties.Preppy Style |Brooks Brothers suits, shirts, ties made in USA #usalovelisted #menfashion #preppy

It doesn't get more preppy than wingtips when it comes to mens shoesAllen Edmonds shoes and belts for men are handcrafted in the USA and have been since 1922. Note: Not all Allen Edmonds products are made in the USA. See product details for items made here.Preppy Style | Allen Edmond shoes and belts #usalovelisted #menfashion #preppy

Preppy Accessories for Men & Women

Make sure you have the best and the most fashionable preppy sunglasses, made in the USA! We have a list for that!
Preppy Style: Made in USA Sunglasses #usalovelisted

Preppy Style for Women

The classic blazer will never go out of style. This LUSH Novak Crepe Blazer is available in a variety of colors.
Preppy Style: Classic blazer with jeans

This preppy paisley patterned dress by Karen Kane is made in the USA. You can find a large selection of American made Karen Kane clothing pieces at Nordstrom.
Preppy Style: Karen Kane paisley dress #usalovelsited Everyone woman needs a white cotton button up shirt, like this one from Frank & Eileen Tee Lab.  Roll up the sleeves, put the collar up and bring out your inner preppy.

Preppy style: Frank & Eileen Tee Lab classic white button up by

Cinda b fabric handbags, travel bags and accessories are made in Indiana.American Made Cinda B Patterned Handbag and Luggage #preppy #usalovelisted

More preppy brands, all Made in the USA

Did we miss any brands you love? Let us know in the comment section which made in USA clothing you love.

While you are shopping for preppy pieces, we challenge you to turn things over, squint at the fine print, and find those three magic words: Made in USA.  When you find them, share your pick by posting it to Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter or the USA Love List Facebook page with the hashtag #USAlove.

Preppy Style American made preppy clothing and preppy accessories for men, women #preppy #usalovelisted

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