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Calling All Chocolate Lovers: My Favorite Chocolate Made in Pennsylvania

As I sat down to write this post I realized I have A LOT to say about chocolate.  And as I did my research for this post I came to two conclusions: (1) my pants are a bit snug and (2) I am proud to say I was born and raised in Pennsylvania.  One thing that my childhood did not lack was delicious chocolate, especially around Valentine's Day. As we all know, giving chocolates is a great way to say… you're sweet or I love you!  If you're looking to express your feelings with cocoa this year, may I...

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Made in the USA Experience: Hersheypark

One of my favorite summer activities, besides going to the beach, is taking a day to experience the thrills of an amusement park.  Once my family decided to take on all Hersheypark has to offer this year, I was curious to find out what “the sweetest place on earth,” has Made in the USA.  Throughout the day, I left my stomach at the top of many roller coasters and I was able to go on a Made in USA mission throughout the park and I'm excited to tell you about my findings! What's Made in the USA in Hershey, PA? The Hershey...

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American Travel Guide – Made in USA Factory Tours

Looking for an American travel getaway before summer comes to an end? Companies all across the country would love to give you a backstage pass to see how their products are made!  Here are a few tours that will get you up close and personal with some of America's most iconic products. AMERICAN TRAVEL – USA FACTORY TOURS Jelly Belly's  factory is located in Fairfield, CA (a short drive from San Francisco) and is gives free tours 361 days out of the year!  Feel free to bring the kiddos on this tour – they are sure to love it!...

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