Author: Alexis McDowell, contributor

Calling All Chocolate Lovers: My Favorite American Made Chocolate, Made in Pennsylvania

As I sat down to write this post I realized I have A LOT to say about chocolate. And as I did my research for this post I came to two conclusions: (1) my pants are a bit snug and (2) I am proud to say I was born and raised in Pennsylvania. One thing that my childhood did not lack was delicious chocolate, especially around Halloween. As we all know, giving chocolates is a great way to say… you're sweet or I love you!  If you're looking to express your feelings with cocoa this year, may I suggest...

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American Music: Rockin’ 4th of July Playlist

One thing we have not discussed here at USA Love List is music made in America.  How have we missed this? When you support American artists by buying their music and attending their concerts, it is the same as buying American products.  And what better timing to share with you some of my favorite American music to spin over the next couple of days as we celebrate America's birthday. You can listen to my favorite “national anthems” by following my Amuuurica playlist on Spotify.  I'd be touched to DJ your BBQ with my 4th of July playlist, but for now...

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How To Install A Copper Penny Floor – A Made in USA DIY Project

Have you been thinking of installing a DIY penny floor? If you're looking to put money into a room you literally can do so by using pennies and epoxy.  I'll tell and show you exactly how I did it, step by step. I recently bought a home and have been on a DIY kick.  When I was out with my relator and found “the one”, I looked at the kitchen and instantly decided a penny floor would light up the room. I'd seen a penny floor at the restaurant Lincoln in Washington, DC and other penny projects all over Pinterest,...

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A Music Festival Made in USA Experience: Delaware’s Firefly Festival 2014

This weekend I got to hang out with 80,000+ music fans throughout 300+ acres of The Woodlands in Dover, Delaware at Firefly 2014 Music Festival.  The inaugural Firefly Festival was summer 2012 and this being the 3rd year, it's exciting to see how quickly Firefly has grown.  They upped the ante and are truly making a name for themselves in the American music festival scene. Supporting the music industry is an unexpected way to support ‘Made in USA', since record labels, management companies, booking agencies, recording studios, music sales, equipment, production companies and concerts all support the American economy....

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Made in the USA Experience: Summer Music Festival Must Haves

I wouldn't call myself a music festival expert, but I've experienced a few on the east coast.  I was a late bloomer having attending my first (Bonnaroo) only four years ago.  And let me tell you folks, these things are marathons, not sprints.  Especially if you're going all out and camping.  There are some key tricks of the trade to make the most of your experience.   Seeing your favorite bands over the course of a few days can be the best days of your year, but not if you don't take into consideration the fact that you're standing,...

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