One of my favorite summer activities, besides going to the beach, is taking a day to experience the thrills of an amusement park.  Once my family decided to take on all Hersheypark has to offer this year, I was curious to find out what “the sweetest place on earth,” has Made in the USA.  Throughout the day, I left my stomach at the top of many roller coasters and I was able to go on a Made in USA mission throughout the park and I'm excited to tell you about my findings!

What's Made in the USA in Hershey, PA?

The Hershey Company's headquarters are still located in downtown Hershey, Pennsylvania along with a chocolate manufacturing plant.  On any given day you can smell chocolate in the air as they daily produce thousands of their iconic Hershey Bars and other products.  This is one of eight current manufacturing plants; six of the eight are located in the United States.

Roller Coasters: Hersheypark has three roller coasters that were manufactured in the United States.

  • The Comet was built in 1946 by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company in Pennsylvania.  It is a wooden coaster that goes 50 MPH with a 78 foot drop at the beginning of your 1 minute and 45 second ride.
  • Lightning Racer is the first dueling wooden roller coaster which was made in 2000 by Great International Hershey Park Roller Coasters Made in the USACoasters out of Sunbury, Pennsylvania.  The red ‘Lightning' train races the green ‘Thunder' train on two separate tracks which have the same elements including a 90 foot drop.  Both trains usually come in around 2 minutes and 20 seconds, but weather, weight, placements of riders and maintenance of the lifts all play a part as to who wins that particular run.
  • The Wildcat currently located at Hershey was named after the very first roller coaster that Milton Hershey built in 1923 to celebrate the town's 20th anniversary.  The $50,000 coaster ran from 1923 until 1945.  Then in 1996 Hershey used Great International Coasters for the first time to build a wooden coaster naming it after the original.  It's surprisingly a smooth ride and your little ones aka “Reese's Peanut Butter Cups” who fall between 42″-48″ in height can ride.

Hersheypark's Famous Carrousel has quite a story which dates back to 1919 when it was built by Philadelphia Hershey Park CarrouselToboggan Company for Liberty Heights Park in Baltimore, Maryland.  It then moved to a park in Auburn, NY and finally landed at Hershey in 1972.  It sits front in center of the park after you walk in the main gates.  All ages can enjoy a ride on one of the 42 jumping horses, 24 stationary horses or 2 chariots while enjoying music from The Wurlitzer Military Band Organ.

Made in the USA findings at Hersheypark:
  • Hershey ParkFudge and Chocolate Covered Pretzels at the Dutch Candy Kitchen
  • Turkey Hill ice cream from Lancaster, PA
  • Super Soft Swim Vests which are used at The Boardwalk water park made by TRC Recreation, LP
  • Refillable cups that may be purchased or refilled at any concession throughout the park
  • All of the turnstiles that are placed at the entrance and exit gates along with every entrance and exit a majority of the rides.  They're manufactured by Perey Turnstiles, Inc.
  • Throughout a busy and exciting day it is always nice to take a break and you can do so on one of the Made in USA Benches made by DuMor, Inc. that are located all throughout Hershey Park.
  • Koala Kare changing stations in the restrooms are Made in the USAHershey Park Made in the USA

All throughout the year, Hershey's Chocolate World, (which was featured in our American Travel Guide: Factory Tours) located right outside the park gates, is open to the public to learn more about The Hershey Company and taste some delicious Hershey's chocolate.