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Affordable Luxury Gifts for Women, All Made in the USA

If I'm going to spend a little more on a luxury gift, you'd better believe it will be made in the USA. Finding amazing American made women's luxury gifts just got easier. Luxury that's well made, is always worth the investment in American made. Affordable Luxury Gifts for Women, All Made in the USA All Authenticity 50 luxury bedding is 100% made in the USA from “seed to stitch”.  Authenticity 50 luxury sheets, pillow cases, and duvet covers are manufactured from Supima cotton. Supima cotton is two times more expensive than regular cotton and is even MORE expensive than Egyptian Cotton. Authenticity 50 bedding...

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Five Fashion Tips For How To Wear Horizontal Stripes in American Made Style

I remember always veering away from horizontal stripes because I didn't think I could wear them. Most people, even stylists, might say that stripes will make you look wider. I don't think it's always true. Here are a couple fashion tips and tricks for how to wear horizontal stripes and still look stylish and fashionable. Fashion Tips: How to Wear Horizontal Stripes Keep it simple: You'll want to pick a singular foundation piece to build your look. I find it easiest to do that with bottoms, like pants, shorts, or a skirt, but you'll typically find me in pants. I...

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La Mer Collections Made in USA Watches

I loved La Mer Collections made in USA leather wrap watches since I first spotted them on Second City Style in 2010. I couldn't have imagined that a few years later I'd be a saying I am fashion editor and I'd be working with La Mer Collections through USA Love List! The world brings us many surprises and I'm certainly grateful for them. A LITTLE ABOUT LA MER La Mer Collections offers made in USA watches that are made in Marina del Ray, California. You can walk through an interactive presentation online to see how it's done. Some of their watches are made with simple...

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La Mer Collection, Made in the USA – Win a Fabulous Wrap Watch

I'm pret-ty darned excited to introduce you to our made in USA giveaway with La Mer Collection Watches! I own one of their Bali Stud Watches in Brown and Gold and I get TONS of compliments every single time I wear it. It looks like a bracelet, but it's a watch. You can see why everyone wants one! A Little About La Mer La Mer watches are made in Marina del Ray, California where they are hand assembled. Some of their watches are made with simple bright leather wraps and others are more flirty, with chain embellishments. One of the many reasons I love La Mer made in USA watches is because you can dress them up or dress them down. Check out how I've already styled them on the blog – add them to a classic outfit that takes you from desk to drinks or pair one of their bright wrap watches with neutrals for a bold look. Shop all of La Mer Collection's Watches and find your favorite! You can also find exclusive styles at Piperlime and Shopbop too. I selected one of the more versatile styles that can easily be paired with a pencil skirt or jeans, as the giveaway prize. I've worn it a few times and all my friends are in love with it – to say the least! Now it is your turn...

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Made in USA Monday Fashion: Accessories Brighten Basic Black Pants

Black Pants Styled For Any Occasion by shoppresenza featuring david aubrey jewelry Spring is a busy season. Most people have busy weekends packed with graduation ceremonies, birthday parties and road trips. Sometimes it can be stressful to create an outfit so that you are projecting your most confident self. Simple style is made easy by building your wardrobe with foundational pieces, like well fitting black pants. Make your outfit pop with simple bold accessories. Here's an easy way to use American-made fashion pieces to dress up simple black pants so that you're ready for any occasion! * Select a statement necklace and accessories to complement it. When you walk in the room everyone will be complimenting your great accessories!  Try these David Aubrey marigold colored pieces, made in the USA, from *  Add bright and simple accessories that make your outfit pop. You don't have to select pieces that are in a set; add pieces that have varied textures. I like this leather wrap watch from La Mer Collection. * Pick comfortable shoes made in the USA that you can wear from day to night and the next day too! It's best to pick shoes that complement your accessories.  I love Oka-b ballet flats; they are feel like they were made just for you! * Pair your simple black pants with a top that flatters your figure.  I suggest a...

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