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Office Furniture: A Made in USA Source Guide

Are you searching for furniture for your home office or commercial office space? We have you covered with this source list of made in the USA office furniture. Office Furniture: A Made in USA Source Guide Ergo Desk Top: Offering Sit/Stand Solutions for Workspace Ergo Desktop is a small, woman-owned business based in Celina, Ohio. Since 2009, Ergo Desktop has been an American manufacturer of adjustable height desks, or desks in which the monitor height and/or keyboard height can be adjusted. Those of us that work on computers for multiple hours in a row, know that back pain and neck pain are common.  Studies...

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American Made Patio Furniture: A Source Guide

Have you taken your patio furniture out of winter storage only to find it in worse condition than you remembered?  Is your outdoor furniture set in need of an update before your next cookout or outdoor dinner party? Ditch cheap patio furniture sets and pieces that look decades old only after one summer of use. This year invest in high quality American made patio furniture that will look fabulous year after year. American Made Patio Furniture: A Source Guide Did we miss your favorite American made patio furniture manufacturer? Let us know in the comments below. Creekvine Designs  wood outdoor furniture...

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Six American Made Household Goods We Love

Are you looking to add some American made household goods to your home?  Well, don't miss this list- we have every room covered! These items also make great wedding gifts, housewarming gifts, and holiday gifts.  Six American Made Household Goods We Love Authenticity 50 Luxury Bedding Investing in a set of high quality American made sheets is something everyone should do!  Authenticity 50 luxury bedding is made in the USA “from seed to stitch” from Supima cotton. Supima cotton costs 2xs more than regular cotton, and its fiber is stronger and softer than regular cotton.  This stronger fiber and the...

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Tips to Reduce Waste With American Made Products

In celebration of Earth Month, we're looking at ways to reduce, reuse, recycle with a little help from American-made products. Today we have tips to REDUCE waste. Focus on Three Areas to Actively Reduce Individual Waste 1. ENERGY CONSUMPTION Our energy use involves the amount of natural resources we use every day. Natural resources, like oil, are not renewable. Our energy use also effects other aspects of our environment like carbon pollution and global warming. Some tips to reduce our energy use include: Purchase items made from renewable resources. Technology is advancing daily, and most products that were formally oil...

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Introducing the American Made Mission Furniture Collection from Manchester Wood

The start of a new year makes it the perfect time to do some home decor updates and invest in some high quality American Made furniture pieces for your home.  Consider Mission furniture pieces from Manchester Wood. The Mission furniture style was created in America and its design is known for containing simple vertical or horizontal lines, flat panels, and straight angles. With roots tracing back to the late 19th century Arts and Crafts Movement, the Mission furniture style is classic, yet timeless, and a Mission furniture piece would add a touch of American style to any room. Don't miss our source lists for made...

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