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3 Made in USA Holiday Party Dresses Perfectly Paired with a Classic Merci-Fortune Clutch

Your holiday style depends on how you will be celebrating.  I've picked three made in USA holiday party dresses in three different styles, each of which pair perfectly with the ultra classic American made leather clutch by Merci-Fortune. The Rebecca clutch by Merci-Fortune is an investment, but when I saw how perfectly it fit with every style on my wish list, I understood how versatile it is. Which look would you choose? THE MERCI-FORTUNE REBECCA CLUTCH The Merci-Fortune Rebecca clutch is a simple, classic full grain American leather clutch.  A wrist strap is included but can be tucked away.  The magnetic...

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Must See American Made Leather Handbags by Merci-Fortune

For those of you who are looking for a classic leather bag, give up your “made in China” Coach habit and shop American made leather handbags by Merci-Fortune. Don’t miss our American Made Designer Purses and Handbags Ultimate Source List When I received the Charlotte Duffel in the Cerise leather, seen below, my mouth dropped open. The bag embodies American craftsmanship at it's absolute finest. As I carefully ripped through the box when it arrived, I was greeted by the faint scent of new leather. The sparkle from the gold hardware caught my eye and as I reached out to touch...

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