Are you on the hunt for the perfect sized cooler for kayaking, camping, fishing or a day at the beach? Maybe you are looking for a lunch cooler? Don't miss this list of American made coolers for every adventure and invest in at least one high quality ‘Made in USA' cooler for this summer.

American Made Coolers

When looking for an American-made cooler, consider the quality and durability of the materials used. High-quality coolers typically feature robust construction with thick walls and a sturdy lid. They are often made from roto-molded plastic, which ensures exceptional insulation and impact resistance. You will notice that our list includes brands that are more known for manufacturing kayaks. This shows how strong their cooler material is!!

Pay attention to the cooler's ability to maintain ice retention for extended periods, as this is a key indicator of its insulation efficiency. Features like heavy-duty latches, reinforced hinges, and secure handles are also important, as they contribute to a cooler’s overall durability and ease of use. Look for coolers that offer UV resistance and are bear-proof certified if you plan on using them in rugged outdoor environments.

Another critical aspect to consider in a cooler that suits your needs, is the design and additional features that enhance the functionality and convenience. Many American-made coolers come with practical extras such as built-in bottle openers, and cup holders, which can be especially useful during outdoor activities. Drain plugs for easy cleaning and non-slip feet to keep the cooler stable on various surfaces are also beneficial features. Furthermore, consider the size and weight of the cooler in relation to your needs, ensuring it offers adequate storage capacity without being overly cumbersome. Lastly, check for a solid warranty and positive customer reviews, as these can provide insights into the cooler’s performance and the manufacturer's confidence in their product.

Coolers NOT Made in the USA

When searching for an American cooler, be sure to check the descriptions in the company's listing. Some brands on our list offer other types of coolers that are NOT made in the USA. We try to clarify this in our product listing.

Buyer beware! The brands below do not manufacture or assemble coolers in the United States.

  • Frio: Frio used to offer a made in USA lunch tote, but no longer do. They have been removed from this list
  • Otterbox: Otterbox used to offer a hard sided cooler, but now they only offer imported soft sided products. They have been removed from our list.
  • RTIC
  • CANYON Coolers
  • YETI: On their website, YETI states that SOME of their Tundra ice chests are made in the USA. The label would be on the product if so. The website products are not labeled in the description. I have never seen a made in the USA YETI cooler in stores. NOTE: YETI Loadout products (which their website also states are made in USA) are not coolers, but are storage cases.

American Made Coolers

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