Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day

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American Beauty: 5 Essential Health & Beauty Items Great for Gift Baskets

It is a season filled with weddings, graduations and new beginnings. Practical gifts for these steps into the real world are common. Gift baskets are a favorite among them. How about stocking up the basket with some American made essentials that they can use? Young adults are shelling out some serious cash on beauty and personal items so send them off stocked up with the best bath and beauty products made in the USA. You are the boss when designing your own gift basket. Here are a five essentials to get you started: Q-tips. Clean, craft, beautify. A Q-tip...

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How to Shop for American made products in Any Store

Local independent boutiques are invariably treasure troves of unique Made in USA items, but a lot of people don't believe that you can find anything Made in the USA at a big box, chain, or department store.  You can.  We've gotten in the habit of snapping photos whenever we find those three magic words and the photos above are just from the last week or so. Here are three tips on how to shop for American made products wherever you go: Look at labels.  Every time. We're not going to tell you to always buy American, but I will tell you to always look. Parents, teach your children this habit and squeeze in a little global geography lesson while you are at it. Ask the manager.  Talk to anyone who will listen about how you are looking for American-made products. Tell them your favorite brands. Suggest that they make it easier for people like us by displaying or labeling their made in USA items. We create the demand that will drive re-shoring and it starts with each of us as individuals. Only buy stuff you really love!  One way to buy fewer imported items is by simply buying less stuff. Only buy it if it is something you really love. Come to think of it, that goes for anything Made in America too.  Don't buy something just because it...

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