It is a season filled with weddings, graduations and new beginnings. Practical gifts for these steps into the real world are common. Gift baskets are a favorite among them. How about stocking up the basket with some American made essentials that they can use?

Young adults are shelling out some serious cash on beauty and personal items so send them off stocked up with the best bath and beauty products made in the USA. You are the boss when designing your own gift basket. Here are a five essentials to get you started:

  • Q-tips. Clean, craft, beautify. A Q-tip is a multi-purpose must-have.
  • EOS Lip Balm. Loved by many for the fun packaging and the smoothing ingredients, these colorful spheres live up to all the hype.
  • Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Hand Wash. Eco-friendly, naturally-scented, and just plain awesome.
  • Udderly Smooth Body Cream. We reviewed them and love the lotion because it is so easily absorbed, lightly-scented, and affordable.
  • Burt's Bees Shampoo and Conditioner. Several formulas to choose from that are all made in the USA.Big companies, small ones, and even major power houses like Proctor and Gamble still make some of the most common products here in the U.S. You just have to check that product label to determine if it was made in the USA.

5 More ideas to fill your basket…

  • toothpaste
  • body wash
  • toilet paper
  • body wash
  • towels

How about a little challenge to find a basket made in the USA for arranging all of the health and beauty items you choose. If you make a gift basket let us know or post a pic on the USA Love List Facebook page. We would love to share your photos and any made in the USA products you find.