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Easter Bunny’s Shopping List: American Made Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

This year the Easter Bunny will be filling the Easter baskets in my house with only American made treats, and not because I have declared so. My kiddos have. “Mommy, I hope the Easter Bunny knows to get us ‘Made in the USA' things for our Easter basket,” said my daughter when we were running errands yesterday. “Yeah, he needs to get all the kids ‘Made in the USA' stuff!!!”  added her brother. For more made in the USA Easter products, don't miss: American Made Easter Candy Brands We Love,  Made in USA Easter Treats: Tell The Easter Bunny to Buy...

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Red, White and Blue Fourth of July Cupcakes (and the secret to making them!)

Do you need to bring something to the Fourth of July cookout you will be attending soon? Are you on the hunt for patriotic themed dessert ideas? Well look no further!  Make some red, white and blue Fourth of July cupcakes with the help of Batter Babies by Kimber Cakeware. Batter Babies are cupcake batter separators that are made in the USA from food grade plastic.  Batter Babies make it super easy to create multi-colored or multi-flavor cupcakes. My assistant and I gave Batter Babies a try. We made our red, white and blue cupcakes from scratch, but you...

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