Nikki Baker

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From Basics to Bling in Burgundy {Made in USA Monday Fashion}

Fall Jewel Tone – Burgundy by shoppresenza featuring skinny jeans Jewel tones like hunter green, mustard and eggplant are in for Fall. Here are some of my favorite pieces in burgundy. I'll tell you why I love each of these American-made pieces! I love unique, everyday rings that go with every outfit. That's why I'm crazy about these from Nikki Baker. They come in all colors and shapes, for only $95, so have your pick! Stackable Rings, $95 These earrings are dainty enough to wear with a dress, but fun and flirty enough to throw on with jeans. That makes them perfect for transitioning your outfit from day to night. Dana Faith Garnet Drop Hoops, $75 A “new basic” is this set of simple earrings that stand out! Felicia Stud in Magenta by Dara Ettinger, $88 Studded and stackable is all the rage. You'll look “foxy” with this piece from Tory Burch. Tory Burch ‘Foxhead' Studded Wrap Bracelet, $125 I like these jeans because the dark color and stretchy fabric are slimming. You'll look skinnier just by putting them on! – J Brand Super Skinny Jeans, $176 With these simple everyday pieces, all made in the USA, you're ready to transition your wardrobe for the...

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Trend Report: Luminous Pearls

  Pearls, and other creatures from the sea, are in style this season.  Pearls are typically reminiscent of our mothers' necklaces as the classic, conservative accessory.  I'm excited about the trendy ways designers have incorporated pearls into the made in the USA jewelry. Whether you're looking for an everyday piece that transcends time, or luxurious eye catching piece of wearable art, you're sure to find a style you love. These made in USA earrings have a tribal inspired look to them, and they could be the focal point of any outfit. I suggest pairing them with a black pencil skirt and tailored blouse. Paula Mendoza Hilles Earrings Words wouldn't do justice to how I feel about this Alexis Bittar Pearl Statement Necklace. It could be worn with a simple evening dress or could dress up a blouse paired with jeans and heels. Alexis Bittar makes all his pieces in New York City. Everything is in the details with these earrings. The 14K gold detailing around these Nikki Baker Oversized Coin Pearl Earrings exudate old Hollywood glamour. They would compliment an everyday outfit or an extravagant evening dress. I love the edginess of this Anuja Tolia Cuff Ring. It's perfect hand candy and it's uniqueness is sure to grab other's attention. Which pieces is your...

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