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For Him: Fashionable Gifts For Father’s Day or Any Occasion

Buying for men can be so stressful. I never know what to get for my father or uncle when it comes time to buy them something. When Father's Day rolls around my dad always tells me how he doesn't need anything. While it may be true, I would love to create an outfit so he looked a bit more “hip”. My dad is a creature of habit and likes to stick to clothing he's been wearing for decades!  I think it's a guy thing. (Does this sound familiar to anyone else?) When it comes to style for him, I...

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Men’s Style Guide: Men’s Hats & How To Wear Them

Fashion has a way of resurrecting itself and the well polished man is making a come back.  This means we are seeing a better array of everything from shoes to hats.  The hat was always a pivotal piece of a man's wardrobe so we have selected some of our favorite American made hats from hats.com as the anchor of these popular men's looks. Casual Prep – Updated Nautical Style Adding the hat and shoe type define this outfit and give otherwise basic pieces some pulled together style. shirt | shorts | shoes | hat Use code ‘USALove' to get...

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Everyday American Made Fashion Gifts Starting at $14

Today's gift guide features gifts and stocking stuffers in everyday American made fashion, from underwear to socks, jewelry, belts, gloves, and sweaters. You'll surely find something you love! You'll certainly find something you need. We won't tell if you stock up for yourself while ordering gifts for loved ones. Classic accessories are a perfect gift, especially if that special man in your life needs an updated look or has worn out his existing pieces. These alpaca driving gloves from Golden Touch Naturals are great for any guy. I really like Lombardi Leather's unique buckle-less leather belt. With a selection of 10...

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10 Things We Love – Made in Los Angeles

Beautiful Los Angeles, California offers many things: endless sunshine, wonderful Mexican food, and year-round avocados! On top of all the joyful things SoCal provides, we’re so happy that this sprawling city is also a haven for Made in Los Angeles items.  I jumped on the chance to list the top 10 Things I Love – Made in Los Angeles California. So without further ado, here is a list of Made in Los Angeles goodness that you should check out! Made In LA manufactures handmade beautiful leather bracelets for both men and women. Each strap is either made with rugged brass stones or crafted...

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