Beautiful Los Angeles, California offers many things: endless sunshine, wonderful Mexican food, and year-round avocados! On top of all the joyful things SoCal provides, we’re so happy that this sprawling city is also a haven for Made in Los Angeles items.  I jumped on the chance to list the top 10 Things I Love – Made in Los Angeles California. So without further ado, here is a list of Made in Los Angeles goodness that you should check out!

  1. Made In LA manufactures handmade beautiful leather bracelets for both men and women. Each strap is either made with rugged brass stones or crafted glass studs for timeless west coast look.
  2. Soaptopia is a company that started in 2001 has created a world of handmade soaps out of Mar Vista, California. From bath salts, to shaving soap, to lip balm, to natural soaps – Soaptopia has got you covered. Their selections is massive and are actually in the middle of a new contest. Submit your idea for a soap scent and it can be turned into a reality!
  3. Thrive Furniture – Love functional, comfortable design? Have a soft spot in your heart for manufacturers who source sustainably? Do you enjoy the convenience of free shipping both ways and a 365 day return policy? Then you’ll absolutely love Thrive Furniture. They make all sorts of furniture from A to Z so you can literally furnish your entire house from the good folks at Thrive. Check out their website and view their tremendous collection.Thrive Home Furnishings
  4. Osmium – In the mood to look dapper? Then check out Osmium’s awesome collection of sweaters, dress shirts, vests, and pants. They also give 1% of their profits to and OCEANA. These are definitely some great guys.
  5. Zhena’s Gypsy Tea – In 2000, this company's founder met adversity when her son was born with a severe birth defect. Instead of drowning in her problems and medical bills she became more determined than ever to do something to support herself and her baby boy, Sage. Armed with a degree in aromatherapy, Zhena “embraced her Ukrainian gypsy ancestry and began peddling her teas out of a cart on California street corners.” Today her company is thriving and she truly is a living example of the American Dream.Zhenas Tea
  6. Eco-Made – Check out this company if you own a smartphone and want a fun, eco-friendly, Made in the USA way of amplifying its speakers. Eco-Made has created an eco-amp, a fun amp that is “paper made with 100% green electricity and 100% post-consumer recycled fibers.” The designs are awesome and it really works well.
  7. Monkish Brewing Company – This brewery is located in a hidden spot in Los Angeles and brews over 15 varieties of (mostly Belgian) beer. This tiny brewery has extremely knowledgeable owners who clearly care about the craft. The brewery is equipped with a tasting room, which kindly allows outside foods.
  8. Sqirl – Sqirl’s jams, jellies and marmalades are made with produce from family-owned farms that practice sustainable, certified organic methods that are in close proximity to their kitchen in Los Angeles, California. Batches may take up to three days to produce because there is minimal treatment, giving credit to how the fruit, or vegetables are sourced.
  9. Lindy & Grundy – Located on Fairfax and Melrose, these two female butchers source all their meat locally in California, as close to Los Angeles as possible. They use all the parts of the animal in their cuts. Lindy & Grundy also hold classes to educate the community about how to eat meat sustainably with as little waste as possible.Lindy and Grundy
  10.  Venley – Vertically integrated in downtown Los Angeles, Venley knits, cuts, sews, dyes, and finishes their clothes all under one roof. This allows them to be extremely agile in meeting trend demands and sourcing new hot fabrics. Use the coupon code “USALoveList” for 35% off your next order!


What's Made in Your Home State?

David Altman is the E-Commerce Account Manager at Venley, a vertically integrated clothing manufacturing company in downtown Los Angeles. He moved to Los Angeles in 2010 by way of New York and has lost all sense of time due to no longer experiencing seasons. What he still has is a sense of  the importance of local, sustainable brands that are sourced in or around Los Angeles. Allow the team at Venley to kickstart your closet's Made in the USA protest by entering this giveaway.

If we missed something you love in our list of “10 Things We Love – Made in Los Angeles, California” be sure to tell us about it in the comments!

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