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John Ratzenberger wants YOU to help fund his new reality TV Show. And he tells USA Love List exactly why

I recently had the opportunity to chat with John Ratzenberger, a long time advocate for American manufacturing. Everyone over the age of 30 knows John as Cliff  from the TV show “Cheers”, and those under 30 recognize his voice, as it's been that of a character in every Pixar movie made. My son cannot get over that I spoke to Mack the truck from Cars!! What most people don't know about John Ratzenberger, is that he has been on a mission to revitalize American manufacturing for over a decade John has been a worthy advocate for the American made...

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Introducing Sage: Fly Fish with Rods Made in the USA

The quest to find American made fishing gear is almost as challenging as finding the fish themselves.  Fortunately, Sage has been manufacturing high quality fly fishing rods out of Bainbridge Island in Washington (across the water from Seattle) since 1980.  Sage offers a wide variety of handmade fly fishing rods for use in both freshwater and saltwater that will be able to withstand the fight of a small sunfish up to a trophy sized tuna.  And for those Do-It-Yourselfers out there, Sage offers “blank” rods to allow you to build a rod similar to Sage's specializations on your own –...

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