Sorella Swim

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Your Search For the Best Swimsuit For Women Ends Here (Bonus: It’s American Made)

I know, I know, swimsuit shopping is the worst. Summer isn't over year, and for those going on vacation in September, here are some tips for to make it a little easier to find a Made in USA swimsuit. I think I have the same conversation with friends about finding a new bathing suit every single year. It's always good to be able to laugh at the situation though. I remember the time I ordered a “large” swimsuit that came in the mail looking as if it were a size large for a toddler. I tried that suit on, and had...

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American Made Swimsuits for Women: A USA Love List Source Guide

OK ladies, is there anyone out there who actually likes to go swimsuit shopping? Anyone? I am sure we can all agree that swimwear is probably THE most daunting clothing item to search for. This year USA Love List editors hope to make your swimsuit shopping experience a little less stress full. Jill's going start you off with important shopping and fitting tips in her articles  Three Tips That Make Swimsuit Shopping Easier and Your Search for the Best Swimsuit Ends Here. Then make sure you come back here to peruse our American Made Swimsuits for Women Source Guide to find a made...

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