Tandoor Chef

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Made in USA Gluten Free Foods We Love

You want, no, NEED to be able to trust the ingredients when you are searching for gluten free foods. I always look for the Made in USA label when buying something I'm going to eat, but especially if I need to be able to count on the quality and integrity of the manufacturing process. I recently went hunting for American made gluten free goodies and here is what I found: Gluten Free Entrees and Meals   Tres Latin Foods is bringing tasty pupusas mainstream. These vegetarian stuffed tortillas, known as pupusas, are made with simple GMO-free, vegetarian ingredients including, water,...

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10 Things We Love, Made in New Jersey

I'm happy to present these 10 great items from my home state. They range from food to drink to ice buckets and toilet paper.  As an eco-friendly blogger, I was so pleased to find a number of green minded products made in New Jersey. As a state that has been much maligned in the past, I am very excited to see the Jersey Fresh mindset emerging in an organic and sustainable way. One of the easiest ways to see if some of your favorite pantry items have produce made in New Jersey is to check out the Jersey Fresh...

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