I'm happy to present this list of great products from New Jersey, my home state. These made in New Jersey item range from food to clothing to home goods. As an eco-friendly blogger, I am very excited to see Jersey manufacturing emerging in an organic and sustainable way.

What Products are Made in New Jersey?

According to Choose New Jersey, a privately funded economic development organization with the mission to stimulate job creation in New Jersey, there are over 2,500 advanced manufacturers that call New Jersey home.

One of the easiest ways to see if some of your favorite pantry items have products made in New Jersey is to check out the Jersey Fresh website and see their listing.

These ten are just the tip of the iceberg for Made in New Jersey products and I am proud to have them hail from my home state.

Stuff We Love Made in New Jersey

This USA Love List Guest Post was originally written in 2013 by New Jersey native Becky Elmuccio. It has been updated multiple times over the years by USA Love List editors.

What's Made in Your Home State?


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Made in New Jersey 10 things we love