The Red The White The Blue

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Five American Made Patriotic T Shirts for 4th of July and All Year Long

Do NOT buy an American Flag T-shirt to wear on the 4th of July with a “Made in China” tag on it. Do NOT do it. Just, don't. M'kay? Just in time for the Fourth of July, the editors at USA Love List have put together a collection of American made patriotic T shirts that we love! With men's, women's, and children's sizes all covered, you are bound to find a patriotic style for everyone in the family! Five American Made Patriotic T Shirts We Love 1. Dam ‘Merica Dam ‘Merica is a Veteran owned T-shirt company based in...

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Election Fun with The Red The White The Blue {Made in USA Monday Fashion}

The presidential elections are upon us – let's have a little election fun! We're so excited to introduce a new clothing brand, The Red The White The Blue. The brand is a Los Angeles based clothing company that celebrates 21st century fashion by bringing authentic Americana to the world market. Designed and manufactured exclusively in the USA, the line is a broad redefinition of American identity that speaks an international language. The Red The White The Blue – The FUN We're excited to introduce the line now, because The Red The White The Blue teamed up with Soldiers' Angels Foundation...

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