Udderly Smooth

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Load your car with American-made accessories

We all have things in our car that we just can't live without, whether it is something that is an actual car accessory or it is something just for us. You are in your car every day. What better place to turn to treat yourself or give a thoughtful gift? Here is a list of some of the favorite things that people keep in their cars that are made right here in the USA.  We love made in the USA car accessories. Guest post by Jamie McMackin Car Accessories Made in the USA Lloyd Luxe Floor Mats You may...

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American Beauty: 5 Essential Health & Beauty Items Great for Gift Baskets

It is a season filled with weddings, graduations and new beginnings. Practical gifts for these steps into the real world are common. Gift baskets are a favorite among them. How about stocking up the basket with some American made essentials that they can use? Young adults are shelling out some serious cash on beauty and personal items so send them off stocked up with the best bath and beauty products made in the USA. You are the boss when designing your own gift basket. Here are a five essentials to get you started: Q-tips. Clean, craft, beautify. A Q-tip...

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Made in USA Giveaway: Udderly Smooth Beauty from the Heartland

We reviewed Udderly Smooth earlier this month and now we are thrilled to be giving one of our readers this gift basket full of their American made beauty and body products.   You can read the whole review of Udderly Smooth products and check out some highlights in today’s post.  Here's what we love most about Udderly Smooth: The price point is an outstanding value. Every Udderly Smooth lotion and cream product absorbs without leaving behind a greasy layer. All the fragrances are light and fresh, not to compete with any other scent you might use. The packaging for all the lotions and creams are made in the USA. The formulas are also manufactured in America’s heartland, Ohio. The winner of the giveaway will receive the gift basket pictured.   It includes full size products of each of the following… Vitamin E cream Hand and Body Lotion Body Cream Udder Cream Shea Foot Cream and a pump for the jars and some little sample packs perfect for stashing in your bag. Don’t forget to go check out some fun usage tips on twitter, use hashtag #udderlysmoothtips The GiveawayVisit the Udderly Smooth website to see their selection of light but rich beauty and body products then enter to win. We are giving away a HUGE Udderly Smooth Gift Basket for FREE with opportunities for multiple daily entries including “Pin It to Win It”...

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Made in USA Review: Udderly Smooth Body is economical, effective, and excellent

The Udderly Smooth product line is made and packaged in Ohio.  The easily recognizable black and white spotted packaging is also made in the USA.   The ingredient list is short and basic which has some people wondering what could be so special.  And that's exactly it: using simple formulas eliminates all the trial and error of the latest and greatest ingredients and bring us this tried and true product.  All the products are water-based but not oil-free.  The added oils are not heavy and they ensure the hydration you get from the water base stays put and softens the outer skin.  I would describe the creams as whipped, almost air-like.  The price is incredibly low, less than half of many drug store brands making them an excellent value.   The Hand and Body lotion is replacing my current use of Aveeno.  It literally absorbs nearly as fast as you can spread it around.  My skin was smooth, silky and without a film.  After a few days my cuticles  (which were in embarrassing shape) were no longer dry and peeling.  The fragrance is light, fresh and almost undetectable.  The creams surprised me by not leaving a greasy layer behind because they are much thicker than the lotion.  They give a more supple moisturization and take a bit more time to work in but just like the lotion it does...

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