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10 Things We Love – Made in Los Angeles

Beautiful Los Angeles, California offers many things: endless sunshine, wonderful Mexican food, and year-round avocados! On top of all the joyful things SoCal provides, we’re so happy that this sprawling city is also a haven for Made in Los Angeles items.  I jumped on the chance to list the top 10 Things I Love – Made in Los Angeles California. So without further ado, here is a list of Made in Los Angeles goodness that you should check out! Made In LA manufactures handmade beautiful leather bracelets for both men and women. Each strap is either made with rugged brass stones or crafted...

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American Manufacturing. Is It Really Dead? Venley Says No!

Note from USA Love List Fashion Editor, Jill Homiak: There has been a lot of press abiut American manufacturing lately. A recent Huffington Post article from February debunked many of the myths associated with American Manufacturing.  This is exciting for us to see.  We love the opportunity to hear directly from entrepreneurs and business owners about the thinking behind their commitment to American Manufacturing. We had the chance to discuss this subject with Nick Ventura, co-founder of Venley by Youth Monument. Venley offers men's and women's casual wear that is made in Los Angeles, California. Here's my editorial comment on this brand: it's difficult to find well priced made in USA clothing, but Venley's prices start at under $20, and range from $17.99 to $49.99. PLUS Venley is offering 35% your order with coupon code “USALoveList”, good through the end of February 2013! Read our interview with Nick. He provides insight on garment manufacturing in Los Angeles and how Venley supports the American Manufacturing industry. — The Health of American Manufacturing As a young business owner running a clothing line in downtown Los Angeles, I am frequently asked where we source our production. My response, “Right here in Los Angeles,” typically surprises those who ask. Think about it, most young entrepreneurs are bootstrapped — looking for the most cost-effective way to get the job done. Even the big boys usually manufacture overseas. Think about the laughable London...

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