Calling all Made in the USA Products: Wal-Mart’s “Get On The Shelf” Contest could be a boost to American-made.

We have some potentially life-changing news for all of USA Love List’s friends who are making great American-made products. Walmart has launched a new contest called, “Get On The Shelf” allowing customers to submit and vote on new products for and Walmart stores. They are inviting entrepreneurs to send in short videos to be viewed and voted upon online, American Idol-style. Sponsored by Walmart Labs, this is the first contest of its kind by a major retailer and an unprecedented opportunity for consumers to express their preferences for Made in USA products.

Videos are being accepted through February 22 and several entries are already available for viewing. Some are brilliant and some are head scratchers, but they all have a chance at Walmart glory. Participants will get loads of exposure while the winner can win:

  • featured placement on,
  • valuable marketing support,
  • advice on scaling up,
  • and a spot on Walmart store shelves.

For our readers who have their own American-made products, we encourage you to enter and let USA Love List know so we can mobilize voters behind you. For our readers interested in supporting American-made, please follow this contest, learn about the products, and show your USA love loudly for the ones made in the United States.  “Get On The Shelf” is an exciting chance to let Walmart hear loud and clear that its customers want to buy products manufactured at home.

The first round of voting runs from March 7 to April 3. The finals run from April 11 to 24.  Check out the videos and read the official rules at

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Post by Sarah Wagner

Sarah is the founder of USA Love List and MITUSA Media. She lives near Philadelphia but is a native and summer resident of Michigan. A mom of two who loves to travel, Sarah's current projects were inspired by a cross-country RV trip.


  1. So excited about this opportunity! THANKS for sharing another wonderful Find! I will let you know when we upload our video to our You Tube Channel.

  2. Paul Lieb says:

    Please vote for my fishing inventions called the DualFin and BulletBobber. They are floats that move to the left or right and flip direction and color when given a little tug. If you are fishing in a river or stream you can get them to take your lure or bait wherever you want downstream without recasting. If you are fishing in a lake or pond you can reel to go left or right and reach places you can't cast. They can explore and discover new territory that others cannot reach. They really make fishing more exciting by turning your fishing rod into a remote control! <a href="” target=”_blank”>
    Please vote for DualFins and BulletBobbers starting March 7.

  3. Thanks for sharing Paul. This is so exciting that all of these Made in USA companies are finding this contest and getting lots of great exposure. Way to seize the day!
    My recent post Hanky Panky Lingerie for Valentine's Day: one of the very best, made in USA

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