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The weather is catching up to the calendar in my neck of the woods and it is FINALLY starting to feel like Spring outside!! Time to dust off those outdoor games and get out there to enjoy the sun! But wait, are you noticing that all of those outdoor game sets that you purchased last year have missing or broken parts? Would like like to try a new game that’s fun for the family?

Now’s the time to invest in an American made outdoor game set like MURBLES that will last for (and be enjoyed by) generations.

Last summer Murray Kramer, the inventor of MURBLES, sent me a MURBLES 7 piece (two individual or two team player) game set to try out.


How to Play MURBLES

A MURBLES game set includes a canvas storage bag, game balls (murbles), and one point ball.

To start the game, players determine which color MURBLES they would like to play with. Balls are dumped out of the bag and onto the ground and the color closest to the point ball gets to toss the point ball. Players stand next to each other and the point ball is tossed in any direction, at least 3 feet away.  Players then take turns tossing their murbles to see who can get closer to the point ball to score.  The closest player then gets to toss the point ball for the next round, again in any direction.

Check out this fun-loving video to get an even better idea of how the game works.

We LOVE MURBLES!! Here is why:

  • The canvas storage bag is well made and durable.
  • Basic game rules are printed on the back of the bag, so there is no need to search for the directions, or try to remember every year how to play.
  • The MURBLES game balls are made from high density, solid plastic and weigh 1/2 pound each. Murbles can take a beating! Ours have hit rocks, trees, walls, and other tough obstacles and are still totally fine.
  • MURBLES is easy enough for little ones to play- Sophie was 4 last summer and won many times!
  • MURBLES is fun for the whole family! The hubby and I never got bored when we played with the kiddos, and the kiddos are able to play without our help.
  • Anyone can score points! As proven by the 4 year old who kicked all our butts last summer!
  • MURBLES can be played anywhere. I kept the MURBLES game set in the back of my Jeep all summer. It was played at the beach, at cookouts, at the park, anywhere! It came especially handy when we were somewhere and the kiddos would say, “We’re bored!”. MURBLES would come out of the trunk and they would be having fun in no time.

The Giveaway

One lucky winner will receive a MURBLES Family Set (a value of  $57.95). The Murbles Family Set includes a canvas storage bag, 8 Game balls and 1 Point ball. This set is for up to 4 individual or 4 team players. Winner gets to choose ball colors.

Murbles Family Set

There are a variety of entry options including opportunities for multiple daily entries. Good luck!

Click the +1 button for further instructions on each entry. This giveaway will close at midnight on Thursday, April 17th. The winner will be randomly selected, verified for correct entry participation, and notified by email.

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  1. Barbara talbot says:

    Love the website

  2. What a fab idea! We’re always looking for new outdoor activities that are doable for multi-generational gatherings and this is perfect! Love that they make small 4-person sets for our small family, but also the 16-person for our frequent extended-family gatherings. Great find!

  3. My family are game fanatics. Whenever we get together we drag out the games. It makes family time fun no matter the age. Can’t wait to add this game to our list.

  4. We love to play games, at the cabin on the river, at the lake, in our backyard, at the park.

  5. Large activity 8 color 16 players
    I’d love this for my daughter’s graduation party! We love Bocce balls, so I think this would be a lot of fun too!

  6. I would love to have some family fun with this at the beach or in the backyard!
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  7. I would like the 4 player game! This would give us as a family more outside time together. 🙂
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  8. Sounds like a fun game!
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  9. family fun with Murbles!!

  10. camping, backyard and family and friends houses!

  11. Holly E says:

    This looks like so much fun!!

  12. I had mumbles on my holiday gift guide! never got around to buying it for our family but looks like so much fun!
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  13. Megan C says:

    Love the family set! I am from an Italian American family and grew up watching the older generation playing bocce ball, would LOVE to have this set to play murbles with my kiddos. Brings back some fun memories. 🙂

  14. Love Made in USA….looks like a fun game to play with the grandkids….on the acre we live on….thanks!

  15. Like all 3 sets & the customized. Family would work for us, but the large set would be great for church.

  16. We’d take our Murbles camping!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com
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  17. Love that it’s made in the USA! Great family fun. Would use all the time; family time, parties, reunions, etc..

  18. Jennifer Essad says:

    Murble’s would be perfect for our family/friends get togethers, the large set would allow us all to play -we also have a yearly family reunion which gets bigger every year since the kids are all young adults bringing their friends along-this is an awesome company so glad you highlighted them because I’m going to see what I can purchase for gift giving.

  19. Jennifer Essad says:

    I’d take our set of Murbles whenever we go on a day trip to the coast, family vacations and family reunions or work bbq’s

  20. This sounds like a great game, we have a small family so the set of 4 player is perfect! 🙂

  21. i will take them, to the park or when we have a get together in some of our friend houses 🙂
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  22. Danielle S. says:

    I am taking these babies with me to Sayulita, Mexico!!! Gonna play the game on la playa!!! Viva Murbles!

  23. I like the hot pink, light green, light blue, and yellow bag and I’d like to win this set for fun with the kids

  24. Sadie B. says:

    I would get a set that is red and light grey. It would be great for Ohio State tailgate parties.

  25. Sadie B. says:

    I would love a set for our family reunion. We would like red and white – great for summer.

  26. Sadie B. says:

    These would be great to take to the park.

  27. Sadie B. says:

    These would be great to take to the playground.

  28. Julie Link says:

    I would go with the medium activity in order to play with friends and extended family when we go visiting.

  29. Sadie B. says:

    I would like a pink and purple set for 4.

  30. This set would be great to take to the lake.

  31. I would love the set for the individuals set of 4. Love the bring spring colors – teal, pink, red and yellow.

  32. amanda whiltey says:

    we would take this camping with us

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