How to pop a pimple the proper way is good bit of info to have in your bag of tricks.  It is true that many should just be left to heal and disappear on their own.  We can expedite the process for the un-poppable though and some can be safely popped.  The goal is to reduce or eliminate scarring, to not spread infection, and to look presentable (some just have to go!).  All you need is proper technique and some trusted, American made acne products for aiding the healing process.


A puss filled white head can be popped.  A black head can be squeezed out.  A red or flesh colored raised bump can not.  If the puss is close enough to the surface to see, then it is ready.  Same goes for a visible blackhead.


  1. Cleanse the skin and hands.  Murad Clarifying Cleanser will wash away bacteria.
  2. Wrap your fingers in clean tissue.
  3. Apply pressure to both sides of the pimple, centering it between your finger tips.
  4. Wipe the contents upward with the tissue and get a clean one before moving to the next.
  5. Spray or wipe a toner with purifying and soothing properties on the affected area.  This will control the bacteria and help protect the site.  Boscia Clear Complexion Tonic has lavender, for purity and soothing.


If a pimple is swollen without a head, red or just raised and flesh colored there is too much going on under all of that to fuss with.  If you start trying to squeeze it out you will likely burst it underneath and it will spread under the skin, creating more pimples to come.  This is a time when scarring can also occur.  Forcing it out with too much pressure and having it rip through layers of skin will create a wound which doesn't always heal in a pretty way, especially with all that bacteria involved.

Help expedite the clearing of these “undergrounders” .

  • Try a clay mask to detox the skin.
  • Use my suggested skin care must have: rave reviews are everywhere about this stuff.  This is a drying spot treatment, much different than the typical tube of clearing spot cream.
  • You can also go see an Esthetician for High Frequency treatment.  This will use micro current to eliminate toxins and kill acne bacteria.  Follow up with good home care and choose a glycolic product and moisturizer to aid the healing process.



This is the leading cause of acne scarring.  It will spread the bacteria and slow down the healing time dramatically.  Picked pimples are much harder to conceal as well.  The open skin can not hold the makeup on.

A side note from behind the chair: …yes your Esthetician knows if you have been picking.  We can tell the difference between warfare of one's fingernails and “it just popped”. Giving your Esthetician the right info will help get you hooked you up with the right stuff for better healing and less scarring.