American Stonecraft

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Made in USA Kitchenware: The Ultimate Source List

This USA Love List Source List is a long one, and I am sure it will be getting longer! Kitchenware is a category that covers any tools, utensils, appliances, dishes, and cookware, that can be used in the process of preparing and serving food. Everyone has and needs kitchenware items. The next time you are ready to replace your cookware, bakeware or dishes, be sure you check this list first and make that purchase an American made one. These items also make great gifts! Bookmark this list of made in USA kitchenware so you can easily find it when you...

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Eco Friendly Wedding Gift Ideas, All American Made

On the hunt for THE perfect Eco friendly wedding gift or bridal shower gift? Looking for a gift with meaning that will be used AND remembered? I've got you covered. Don’t miss our other lists of American made wedding gift ideas; Best Wedding Gifts, Made in the USA,  Best Bridal Shower Gifts, Made in the USA, and American Made Wedding Gifts: Things They Didn't Put On Their Registry. 5 Eco Friendly Wedding Gift Ideas 1. Eco pillows These Eco-pillows are handmade in the USA by Alexandra Ferguson. The felt and polyfill used to create each pillow are made from recycled plastic bottles. 2. Anniversary...

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