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Kitchenware is a category that covers tools, utensils, appliances, dishes, and cookware that can be used in the process of preparing and serving food. Everyone has and needs kitchenware items. The next time you are ready to replace your cookware, bakeware, dishes, or kitchen utensils, be sure you check this list first so you can make that purchase an American made one!

These items also make great gifts. Bookmark this list of made in USA kitchenware so you can easily find it when you need to purchase a wedding, bridal shower, anniversary, birthday or holiday gift. 

Made in USA Kitchenware

Handcrafted in the USA Cookware & Bakeware: 360 Cookware

The Team at 360 Cookware knows that you want to be an exceptional home chef. In order to do that, you need the best cookware to help to create meals your family and friends will love. A home chef's biggest challenge is that the cookware that is being used is inefficient and worn out. Poor cookware leads to cooking frustrations. 360 Cookware believes that your kitchen is the best restaurant in town, so it needs to be equipped with the best tools. They understand how much joy cooking brings, and how good it feels when someone asks for more, which is why over 60,000 kitchens just like yours have been equipped with high quality heirloom cookware. 

360 Cookware is designed with technology that allows for healthy vapor cooking, which heats food faster and at lower temperatures. Vapor cooking locks in flavor and nutrients eliminating the need for added oils or fats. They aim to provide customers with a unique cooking experience. All 360 Cookware heirloom quality bakeware and cookware products are manufactured in one of the country’s leading sustainable cookware factories. 360 Cookware products are handcrafted in the USA with T-304 Surgical Grade Stainless Steel and are free of any harmful coatings like PTFE.

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Made in USA Kitchenware: 360 Cookware handcrafted cookware and bakeware. Save 25% on your 360 Cookware order with promo code USALOVE. #kitchenware #cookware #usalovelisted #AmericanMade
Save 25% on your 360 Cookware order with promo code USALOVE

American Made Flatware and More Kitchenware Items: Liberty Tabletop

Manufactured in New York by Sherrill Manufacturing, Liberty Tabletop is the only silverware made solely in the USA. Liberty Tabletop made in USA  stainless steel flatware is made from domestically sourced steel that is 8 to 10 percent nickel and 16 to 18 percent chromium. Unlike stainless steel used in foreign flatware manufacturing, Liberty Tabletop guarantees that the metal mix in their stainless steel does NOT contain lead, mercury, or any other toxic metals that we don’t want in our mouths. Liberty Tabletop flatware is available in a variety of patterns and is sure to be used for generations.

Liberty Tabletop has partnered with several other USA made brands to offer you everything you need for your tabletop, kitchen and beyond! Whether you are looking for made in USA dishes, glasses, silverware, cookware or bakeware, the Liberty Tabletop online store has it all, made in the USA.

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Made in USA Kitchenware: The Ultimate Source List

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Made in the USA Bakeware & Cookware

Made in USA Kitchenware Deal: Save 20% on your 360 Cookware order with promo code USALOVE.

Made in USA Kitchenware featuring 360 Cookware pots and pans via USA Love List. #USAlovelisted #AmericanMade #kitchenware
Handcrafted in USA Kitchenware Deal: Save 20% on your 360 Cookware order with promo code USALOVE

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Made in USA Dishware

  • Annieglass glass dishware and servingware is handcrafted in California.
  • Bauer Pottery dishware and serving ware is handmade in California. Starting in 1878, the company gained success producing a variety of utilitarian pieces for direct sale and to other manufacturers and distillers. Bauer Pottery continues to captivate antique collectors across the country manufacturing replicas of original Bauer designs, in many original and new colors. The pieces are stunning, simple, and sleek. They make a great wedding, housewarming, birthday, or holiday gift that supports jobs in the USA.
  • Becky Pottery ceramic mugs, plates, bowls and platters are made in Maine.
  • Bennington Potters stoneware pottery dinnerware, mugs and more are handmade in Bennington, Vermont.
  • Chinet disposable dishware is made in Kansas. Visit the Chinet Amazon shop.
  • Correlle dishware is made in Corning, New York.
  • Dock 6 Pottery dishware, casserole dishes and more are made in Minnesota.
  • Emerson Creek Pottery dishware, bakeware and servingware is made in Virgina.
  • Fiesta colorful place settings, bakeware, and serving ware, made in West Virginia. Fiesta Dinnerware is known for its fun mix and match colors – 15 in all! What's great about these dishes is that they are durable; have a 5-year chip resistant warranty, and are microwavable, dishwasher safe, and oven-proof.
  • HF Coors manufactures dishware and servingware for home and commercial use in Arizona.
  • SeaGlass recycled glass dishware is made in the USA and available at Vivaterra.

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American Made Drinkware

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Made in USA Silverware

Made in USA Kitchenware: Liberty Tabletop Kensington Collection #usalovelisted #AmericanMade #kitchenwae

Made in USA Servingware

  • American Heirloom Inc. cutting boards, cake stands and more are made in Brooklyn, New York.
  • American Stonecraft stone food slabs are made in Massachusetts from field stones sourced from all over New England.
  • Holland Bowl Mill wooden serving bowls and food preparation bowls are made in Michigan. The process used to create its hand-fashioned bowls is the same method used for over one hundred years and takes nearly a month to complete. The Holland Bowl Mill crafts its bowls from American hardwoods including Cherry, Walnut, Beech, Hard Maple, and Red Oak, using timber harvested from forests throughout Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio.
  • Port Living Company concrete shakers and tabletop accessories are made in South Carolina .
  • The Great Alaskan Bowl Company wooden serving and soup bowls are handmade in Alaska.

American Made Small Appliances

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American Made Utensils/Gadgets

Made in USA Kitchenware: Beehive Handmade kitchen gadgets for baking, serving #usalovelisted
Made in USA Utensils & Gadgets: Beehive Handmade

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Retailers With a Selection of Made in USA Kitchenware Products

  • Vivaterra offers a selection of American made Eco friendly kitchenware products including dishware, and servingware.
  • Joss & Main has a large selection of made in USA items including dishware, wine and champagne glasses and kitchen gadgets.

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American made kitchenware