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Do’s and Don’ts of American Flag Etiquette – Are you doing it right?

It's that time of year… time to proudly put up your American flag. I'll bet you've already done it, but are you doing it right? Here's a review of all of the American flag etiquette, rules, and customs you should know to respectfully display the flag. American Flag Etiquette: how to honor and care for a United States Flag You CAN leave your flag outside in bad weather IF it is an ALL WEATHER flag, which means it was manufactured to withstand all weather types. Always make sure your American flag does not touch the ground or anything underneath...

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10 Products We Love: Made in Ohio

Ohio is a beautiful state with a diverse geological landscape & fantastic attractions that keep visitors coming back for more.  From the world class amusement parks of Cedar Point and Kings Island to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Lake Erie Islands & shore communities there is something for everyone in your family to enjoy.  This top 10 list of things made in Ohio was extremely difficult to limit because Ohio is such a large and diverse state; keeping it to just 10 products was hard! 10 Products We Love: Made in Ohio Founded in 2014 by husband and wife team Phillip...

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Happy Flag Day! (June 14) Our Gift: American Flags that are Made in the USA

How many of us have gone to purchase an American flag, or any patriotic item for that matter, and noticed that the label stated, “Made In China?!  I mean REALLY, the irony! In honor of Flag Day, and in preparation for Fourth of July celebrations, today I will share with you some U.S. companies that make and sell American flags and flag accessories. This is the time of year to brush up on your flag etiquette, so I will also include  some information from Title 4 of the United States Code of Law- The Flag Code. Today is the...

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Made in the USA for 100 Years or More: The oldest American made products

Can you believe that there are products still made in the USA today, that were made here before the United States of America even existed?  The editors at USA Love List went on the hunt for companies that have manufactured their products in America for over one hundred years. Some have been around even longer! The Oldest American Made Products Caswell-Massey personal care products have been American made for 262 years. Cologne Number 6 was a favorite of George Washington. Crane & Co, a manufacturer of fine stationery, was founded in 1770. Since 1879 Crane & Co has supplied the United States Treasury...

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