How many of us have gone to purchase an American flag, or any patriotic item for that matter, and noticed that the label stated, “Made In China?!  I mean REALLY, the irony! In honor of Flag Day, and in preparation for Fourth of July celebrations, today we share a list of made in USA American flags and flag accessories.

Made in USA American Flags & Flag Accessories

This list of made in USA American flags includes sources for all of your flag needs. We found American flags to hang outdoors and to display indoors. We discovered made in USA hand held flags for parades and ceremonies, and flag grave markers. If you are looking for American flag bunting made in USA, and other decorative flag products, we found sources for them too.

Some of the American flag companies on our list are flag manufacturers and some are flag retailers. Many of the flag companies on this list are Flag Manufacturers Association of American (FMAA) certified. Only the FMAA “Certified Made in the U.S.A.” certification seal assures consumers that their flag was made in the U.S.A. with domestic resources and labor and that the manufacturing process is continually monitored by a professional association and its domestic members.

American Flag Material: Which is Best?

While you are perusing this list looking for the perfect American flag for your home, you will notice that American flags are manufactured with a variety of materials. How do you know which material to choose? Her are some tips.

Outdoor American flags are usually made of one of three fabric types; cotton, nylon, and polyester.

  • Cotton: Most cotton American flags are made with a poly blend. Cotton flags are recommend for seasonal use.
  • Nylon: Nylon American flags are suitable for year round display. Nylon flags usually are bright in color and are fade resistant. Nylon dries quickly. Most outdoor nylon flags are all weather flags.
  • Polyester: Most Polyester flags are manufactured double duty and these are the flags for areas that receive high winds and harsh weather conditions.

American Flag Etiquette

We should always be respectfully displaying and handling the US flag, and practicing proper American flag etiquette. If you want to learn more about the U.S. Flag Code, and notice violations everywhere (like me), you can visit our article, Rules for Displaying the American Flag- Are You Doing it Right?

What To Do With a Damaged American Flag

Since you are in the market for a new American flag, you might be wondering how to properly dispose of your old one. An American flag that is ruined beyond repair is to be destroyed in an honorable way, preferably by burning.  It is NOT recommended to burn the flag in your own fire pit as dangerous chemicals can be emitted from burning flags. A better option is to contact your local American Legion, Boy Scout Troop or Girl Scout Troop who will gladly take your flag for proper disposal.

Save and share our list of made in USA American flags so that when you are purchasing a new flag or patriotic banner, you can find them with confidence.

Made in USA American Flags and Flag Accessories

Made in USA American Flags

Made in USA American Flag Accessories

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