How many of us have gone to purchase an American flag, or any patriotic item for that matter, and noticed that the label stated, “Made In China?!  I mean REALLY, the irony! In honor of Flag Day, and in preparation for Fourth of July celebrations, today we share a list of made in USA American flags and flag accessories.

Save and share our list of made in USA American flags so that when you are purchasing a new flag or patriotic banner, you can find them with confidence. We should always be respectfully displaying and handling the US flag, and practicing proper American flag etiquette, so information from Title 4 of the United States Code of Law- The Flag Code is included below.

Made in USA American Flags

Rushmore Rose USA

Rushmore Rose USA is a small, family run company that believes that every American flag should be made in the USA to better our nation and to support American manufacturing. This is why Rushmore Rose USA American flags are 100% manufactured in the USA. Rushmore Rose USA American flags are available in nylon or cotton. The nylon flag has embroidered stars and sewn stripes and is available in 3 sizes. The cotton flag is printed on premium cotton and polyester fabric and is available in one size only. All of Rushmore Rose USA American flags come with Made in USA certification, a one year warranty, and the Rushmore Rose Guarantee.

Made in USA American Flags by Rushmore Rose USA

More Made in USA American Flags and Flag Accessories

How to Properly Display an American Flag

If you want to learn more about the U.S. Flag Code, and notice violations everywhere (like me), you can check out this Flag Code description where I acquired the flag rules in this post. Visit our article, Do's and Don'ts of American Flag Etiquette- Are you doing it right? 

If you are displaying your U.S flag on the same pole as a state, city, municipality or organization flag, the U.S flag is always on the top.  If using separate poles and you have a group these flags, the U.S flag is displayed at the highest point and at the center. If two flags are being displayed on separate poles, they are at the same level and the U.S flag is always at the place of honor to the observers extreme left.  The U.S flag is always hoisted first and lowered last.

If you are displaying your U.S flag with a flag of another country, they must be on separate poles at the same level. Flags should be approximately the same size.  International usage forbids the display of one nations flag over another during time of peace. I happened to notice this morning that my neighbor is in violation of this one. Sorry Canada, I am sure he is not declaring war!

You can hang your U.S. flag against a wall either horizontally or vertically. If you choose to do this, make sure that the Union (the blue part with the stars) is to the observer's left. When displayed in a window, the Union is to the left of the observer when viewed at from the street. I noticed a violation of this code on a house when I was out running errands today.

The U.S. flag is to be displayed from sunrise to sunset. The American flag CAN be displayed outside overnight IF properly lighted.

Flag Etiquette: How to Honor and Care for a United States Flag

You CAN leave your flag outside in bad weather IF it is an ALL WEATHER flag, which means it was manufactured to withstand all weather types.

Always make sure your American flag does not touch the ground or anything underneath it and always handle your flag with respect.

There are special days when the flag is flown at half staff. For more information on half staff flying check out these easy to follow instructions on the Home of Heroes website.

What To Do With a Damaged Flag

An American flag that is ruined beyond repair is to be destroyed in an honorable way, preferably by burning.  It is NOT recommended to burn the flag in your own fire pit as dangerous chemicals can be emitted from burning flags. Not to mention your neighbors could call the police on you claiming you're a terrorist! A better option is to contact your local American Legion, Boy Scout Troop or Girl Scout Troop who will gladly take your flag for proper disposal.

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Made in USA American Flags and Flag Accessories includes flag etiquette