What products are made in Ohio? We found so many that it was hard to pick favorites!

Ohio Made Products

According to The Ohio Manufacturers' Association, manufacturing is the largest of Ohio's economic sectors and Ohio is #3 in the nation for manufacturing jobs and payroll. This means a lot of stuff is made in Ohio!

Many large, globally known companies have manufacturing facilities in Ohio. Honda, Ford, Jeep, and General Motors all have assembly plants in Ohio. Additionally, Ohio is the home of many aerospace and electrical manufacturers like General Electric and Honeywell International Inc.

Procter & Gamble has been manufacturing household products in Ohio since 1839 making them one of the oldest continuously run companies in Ohio. Today, Lima Ohio is home to Procter & Gamble's fabric care plant where Tide Pods are made.

Ohio has its fair share of artisan and small batch USA made companies as well. We included this in our list too.

Did we miss your favorite made in Ohio product? Les us know in the comments below!

Products We Love Made in Ohio

This post was originally written as a Guest Post by Jessica Mudrick, who was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, and moved with her family to Cutler, Ohio. It was originally posted in 2014 and has been updated multiple times since by USA Love List editors.

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