Apple Barrel Craft Paint

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Holiday Crafting With Kids: Red, White and Blue Ornaments, Made in USA Materials

One of my family's favorite holiday traditions is making ornaments. The ornaments that we make are not only used to decorate our Christmas tree, but they are also given to grandparents, aunts and uncles as gifts. This year we made Red, White, & Blue Ornaments with American made supplies These ornaments are perfect for holiday crafting with kids of all ages, as they are really simple to make! Here is what you need for supplies, and we found everything we needed made in the USA! Christmas by Krebs glass ornaments made in Roswell, New Mexico Plaid Apple Barrel craft...

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American Made Holidays: Homemade Thanksgiving Table Decorations

I have picked some amazing ideas for you to inexpensively create fabulous decor for your Thanksgiving day table. These ideas are sure ways to stun your family and friends. Homemade Thanksgiving Table Decorations Short on time and dime? These tips will save you time and money but will also allow you to express your creativity with American made paint. You can collect items from your local farmers' market or take a nice stroll through the woods. Now that I have planned my Thanksgiving meal, it is time to beautify the table. Before you gather to give thanks, lets go...

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Pumpkin Painting With Kids: Using Non-Toxic, Made In USA Craft Paint

We LOVE decorating pumpkins for Halloween at the Hanson household!  This year, the kiddos were excited to find some  little pumpkins at a local farm stand that were just asking to be painted. And I was excited to find paint at the local craft store that is not only made in the USA, but is also non-toxic. Apple Barrel acrylic craft paint, which is both made in the USA and non-toxic, is the perfect paint to use when pumpkin painting with kids.   Apple Barrel acrylic paint works well on practically every surface- even pumpkins! It's water base formula...

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