I have picked some amazing ideas for you to inexpensively create fabulous DIY Thanksgiving decor. These simple ideas are sure ways to stun your family and friends.

DIY Thanksgiving Decor


Short on time and dime?

These tips will save you time and money but will also allow you to express your creativity with American made paint. You can collect items from your local farmers' market or take a nice stroll through the woods.

Now that I have planned my Thanksgiving meal, it is time to beautify the table. Before you gather to give thanks, lets go hunting.

A different kind of hunting for November.

Here is a list of items that you may want to hunt for. Many of these items can be found around your home but you may want to venture out into the woods to create your beautiful Thanksgiving table decor.

  • Acorns, leaves and pine cones from outdoors
  • Any type of gourd
  • Left over paint, chalk paint or clay paint
  • Candle holders and old vases. Check out our list of American Made candles for decorative candles, and centerpiece candles.
  • White tableware
Easy DIY Thanksgiving Decor

Pick a color theme.

I love the idea of using light cream, gold and silver. This will provide for a neutral color palette and allow your turkey and sweet potatoes to steal the show.

Don't be afraid to use the leftover paints you have stored in your utility closet or basement.  Chances are if you have leftover paint, it will match the walls and decor you already have in place.

If you need to buy some paint, Behr Marquee interior paint is American made and comes in many colors.  For small painting projects,  FolkArt paints (including chalk paint), and Apple Barrel acrylic paints are made in the USA.

Painting tips

  • Stir paint very well.
  • Do not paint directly out of the can. Pour paint into smaller container and wipe lid to keep clean.
  • Apply paint to a clean item.
  • Allow paint to dry thoroughly before applying a finish to the product. Paint dries from the top to bottom, so allow enough time to completely dry.
  • Apply a second coat if needed.

You may decide to use old candle holders and those stray vases that come with your flower arrangements as a way to create some height to your Thanksgiving decor on the table. These can also be painted. I paint the vases on the inside with silver spray paint and it gives an antique look to the old vase.

What would your pumpkin say?

You may also decide to make a statement on an outdoor pumpkin. My pumpkin would say, “Take your shoes off or I will break your toes”! Then I would have a little basket of socks or slippers waiting as they entered my home.

You can provide Sharpies for your guests to do the decorating for you! They can write the things they are thankful for on a pumpkin. If you are looking for ideas to keep the kiddos busy, provide each child a small pumpkin to be their own “Thankful Pumpkin”.

Thanksgiving DIY Decor Ideas

Paint a leaf for a place setting.

You may put someone's name on a leaf or write out all the things that you are thankful for and share with your family and friends.

Picking your tableware.

My Aunt gave me this tip long ago and it has saved me many times when I have way more guests then my fine china can handle. She told me to start collecting tableware that was only white in color. When holidays roll around and you have more family and friends then you know what to do with, everything matches.  All of the plates and bowls from the Corelle Livingware, and Vitrelle Collections are made in the USA. Corelle offers reasonably priced white tableware and you can find it in most department stores.  If you have a colorful Thanksgiving table in mind, Fiesta dishware and servingware are all American made.

For more made in USA tableware suggestions visit our lists: Kitchen Utensils Made In USA, Best Dinnerware Sets Made in the USA

But wait, there's more!

Don't miss our recent articles on setting the Thanksgiving table or our picks for serving the pies plus a pumpkin martini recipe. If you will be starting your holiday decorating this weekend, be sure to check our quick and easy tips for holiday decorating with American made.

If all else fails, keep it simple. A few pumpkins and candles will go along way. We all have so much to be thankful for and the most colorful part of the day is usually the family and friends that you surround yourself with.

I hope you found these tips helpful. If you have a moment, share what you would say on your outdoor pumpkin in the comments below.

I hope you continue to visit, share and become inspired.

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Easy DIY Thanksgiving Decor
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