One of my family's favorite holiday traditions is making ornaments. The ornaments that we make are not only used to decorate our Christmas tree, but they are also given to grandparents, aunts and uncles as gifts.

This year we made Red, White, & Blue Ornaments with American made supplies


These ornaments are perfect for holiday crafting with kids of all ages, as they are really simple to make!

Here is what you need for supplies, and we found everything we needed made in the USA!

ornament supplies, made in USA

Christmas by Krebs glass ornaments made in Roswell, New Mexico

Plaid Apple Barrel craft paint

Offray ribbon (most styles made in USA)

An empty egg carton

Follow these steps:

1. Carefully remove the metal hanging part from the top of the glass ornament.

2. One by one, squeeze the paint colors into the opening of the glass ornament. You can hit the side for a desired pattern. Don't be afraid to use A LOT of paint!!

3. Slowly rotate the ornament moving the paint around on the inside to create patterns.

Crafting with Kids

Holiday crafting with kids4. When ornament is covered with desired pattern, place in an empty egg carton upside down to drain out excess paint. You can either leave them like this to dry, or flip them around to dry after paint has drained.

holiday crafting with kids

5. When paint is dry (usually the next day), carefully place the metal hanging top back on.

6. Tie with ribbon to hang.

Holiday crafting with kids

And VOILA! A beautifully crafted American made ornament! Merry ‘Made in USA' Christmas to you and yours.