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Guide to Buying an American Made Car, SUV, or Truck

You've decided to buy an American made car, truck, or SUV. First, thank you for investing in America and American workers. But, now comes the hard part: finding one. This guide will help you navigate a complicated category: American Made Cars, SUV's & Trucks. Manufacturing in the USA has changed a lot since the days of Henry Ford and his famous saying, “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.” In the 21st century you can have any color you want, but there's a good chance it's not made in...

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10 Products We Love: Made in South Carolina

We are welcoming guest post submissions on the topic of The Top 10 Things Made in My Home State. Contact us for submission guidelines. — Guest post by Skip MacKenna of In a collaborative effort with my new Twitter friend @USALoveList, I am presenting my 10 favorite Made In South Carolina products. This is not a Top 10 because that would be judgmental, and there are so many great products in South Carolina. While not the manufacturing giant of the USA, South Carolina offers many great products and businesses.The first product you will find in South Carolina is happiness on vacation. With destinations like Myrtle Beach, the Grand Strand, Charleston, Hilton Head and so many more, South Carolina excels in making and keeping people happy. There are so many examples of businesses that make people happy here from hundreds of golf courses, mini golf, sixty miles of white sands beaches in the Grand Strand alone, hotels, rentals, camping, fishing, boating, and thousands of unique restaurants, it is difficult to narrow down one business representative of this happy state. The Hammock Shop (Video ) is one business that represents the relaxation expected of a great American vacation. You can read more about the Hammock Shop at their web site, and note the location is Pawley’s Island, at the South end of the Grand Strand. Begin to understand the Made In South...

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