Citizen Native

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USA Love List Contributes to CNBC’s Made in USA Gift Guide

Over the weekend, the team at USA Love List had a chance to help curate a list for the business media leader CNBC on 10 American Made Gifts. Believe me, we recommended way more than 10 ideas. We could have sent them thousands. Have you seen the 25 Made in USA gift guides (and counting!) that we've published already this year?? There are so many excellent American made options this year.  We know you are looking for them because we can see the heavy traffic on our SHOP page. The CNBC list has already been shared hundreds of times on Facebook and...

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The Fireside Chats Collection from Citizen Native: American Made, Easy Style

Fireside Chats is a collection of American Made goods dedicated to those moments that give us the greatest joy, the places and spaces where we find peace of mind.  The fireside chats in our lives are the moments when we get to simply enjoy each other’s company, time stands still, and we feel liberated from day-to-day stress. We invite you to shop Citizen Native for American made items inspired by fireside chats. One of our favorite moments has to be around the bonfire, where friends new and old, and family meet. When the conversation never dulls, the laughter is soothing,...

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Fun, American Made Fashion Forward Pieces

Fashion Forward is a collection inspired by the woman who is too busy to follow trends, so she creates her own. She is innovative and always appears effortlessly put together. She keeps her look cool and classic, but with an eye for the unexpected and unique, she adds in statement pieces with purpose. Check out the entire American made Fashion Forward selection curated by Citizen Native. Borrowed clothes, dance offs in the living room, and shared secrets; the bond that sisters share is like no other. Savor the memories and have a story to tell when you wear this...

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Summer Essentials from Citizen Native

As we get into the groove of summer activities, we start to make the annual voyage to our favorite spots, host visits from family and friends, and finally take that much needed vacation. When it comes to the comfort of home, it is always the little things that count! Here are 5 made in USA items from Citizen Native that fall into this category I like to call “Summer Nesting.” Find your favorite American made summer essentials from Citizen Native‘s well curated online store. These Porcelain Ice Cream Cones make serving that perfect hot weather treat even more of...

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