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Wearable Style Tips On How To Mix Prints {American Made Fashion}

You can do it! I promise. But the question is…  how to mix prints?  Mixing prints, patterns and textures can open up your wardrobe possibilities without ever going shopping, or open up your shopping excursions to new worlds of possibilities.  There is a fine line between looking like a mismatched hot mess and a woman owning her strong sense of fashion. Here is my guide to mixing prints while looking stylish coming and going. How to mix prints the polished way – American Made #Fashion Click To Tweet Your Style Outline for How To Mix Prints 1. Stripes are...

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Winter Style: Tips For Wearing Layers This Season

When layers are worn right, it creates a pulled together outfit that creates both shape and style.  Layering myth alert – some say it makes you look more bulky.  False, friends.  Layers done right pass off a posh silhouette.   Employ some method to your madness with some easy layering guidelines to avoid the frumpy feeling. Tips To Wearing Layers Keep your first layer fitted and lightweight.  Cleavitz half top's for zero bulk. Your next layer should stay lightweight too, a button up or knit top. Add structure with a blazer or jacket.  American made jackets. Lastly dress them up...

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Gold and Glam: American Made Beauty + Fashion Finds

This season, gold and glam is on trend.  It is the perfect choice for  year around style.  It gives some glam to the bore of the cold.  We have the American made beauty and fashion items to get your collection started off in fine form. Accessories are an easy way to add gold to your look. The statement necklace:  The Color by Amber Petal Necklace creates the perfect amount of polish to getting all dressed up and adds some style to an everyday outfit. These bangles by Luca + Stella add personal flair to your outfit.  You can wear them solo but...

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