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10 Things We Love, Made in Pennsylvania

I'm so happy to call the Keystone State my home. I've lived in PA for most of my life and I have no plans on leaving. That's why I had so much fun coming up with this list of my top 10 things made in Pennsylvania . Made in Pennsylvania In case you didn't know it, PA is unofficially known as a “snack capital of the world”. It was so hard to not make this a yummy food-only list. But that wouldn't be fair to our non-food producing companies. So in no particular order I present to you the top 10 things...

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Made in USA Teacher Gift Ideas

If you are looking for a special gift for your child's teacher, or teachers, here are some ideas inspired by a few of our favorite American made products. Made in USA Teacher Gift Ideas DIY Candy Jar  My kids LOVE creating gifts for their teachers. The DIY Candy Jar is a unique gift that's fun and easy to make. Instead of felt hearts, kids can cut out flowers, music notes, letters, or what ever shapes they think Teacher would like.  Don't forget to stuff the completed jar with American made candy like Goetze's Candy Company's Caramel Creams or Mini Cow Tales in Teacher's favorite flavor-...

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10 American Made Gifts for Kids Under $10

Yes, it IS possible to find American made gifts for kids under $10! Here are USA Love List's top picks. 10 American Made Gifts for Kids Under $10 1. K'NEX building kits K'NEX sets make great gifts for kids that loves to build.  My kiddos both LOVE K'NEX and the pieces (made in Pennsylvania) fit with LEGOs pieces (NOT made in USA).  Make sure to check out our K'NEX review! Don't miss American Made Gifts for Kids That Like Legos.  2. The Audubon Bird Call For the kid that loves nature, the Audubon Bird Call makes a perfect gift! This bird...

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The Season’s Best Back to School Supplies: Easy to Find, Made in the USA

My kiddos and I searched several national chain stores for school supplies with “Made in USA” on the label.  Hunting for these 3 words on packages is the BEST way to keep kids occupied while running errands! My daughter isn't reading yet, and she recognizes and knows the difference between the words “Made in China” and “Made in the USA”! What we DIDN'T find in our search were scissors, hot/cold food containers (Thermos brand USED to be made in the USA!), and glue sticks. However, here is a list of American made items that we DID find. MADE IN...

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Target can be a Treasure Trove if you Look Carefully for Made in USA

We wrote over the weekend about how shocked we were to find some American-made products at Wal-Mart and took it as a very positive sign.  Well I wasn't thinking much about it when, on a very typical suburban Sunday afternoon errand, I made a quick run to Target. Here was yesterday's very mundane list – see if looks like the kinds of things you might typically buy: wrapping paper bow two birthday cards new box of crayons two coloring books folder: specifically Superman birthday party gift: specifically Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots pencil sharpener sharpened pencils scented candle eggs butter Imagine my delight when, with 14 items on my list and without much effort, I found that 11 of the 14 had Made in USA options which I gladly grabbed.  The wrapping paper, bow, and greeting cards were American-made from the Target brand. The crayons were made by Crayola. The coloring books were produced by Bendon Publishing for American Greetings. The pencils were USA Gold from the Write Dudes. The candle was by Illume from Minneapolis for Target. The eggs and butter were from local dairy distributors.  The pencil sharpener was the only item when, even given a (limited) choice, I did not find any American-made options. The requests for the school folder and the birthday gift were so specific that I was not left with any other options. But...

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