Dogfish Head

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10 Products We Love, Made in Delaware

I love the idea of buying Made in the US products whenever possible. Coming from a small state, I was delighted to learn how many important things are made in Delaware.  It may take a few more minutes to check a label, but it is totally worth it to keep our money in our country and in our economy. On a local level, it makes even more sense to me to purchase as much locally as possible. Spending our money at local small businesses keeps our own local economy moving forward. Since I've lived in Delaware all but one...

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Things To Do In Delaware: Dont’ Miss Dogfish Brewery and Dogfish Inn

It seems like Delaware is a forgotten state. Opps did I write that?! Once you visit Dogfish Inn and Dogfish Head Brewery, you surely will not forget the state ever again. I cannot begin to tell you how much I love the Dogfish Head brand. From the beer, to the employees, and the hospitality, there's so much to love. Alexis, and I were so lucky to have Dogfish Inn host us for a few nights this past summer. We got to experience the Dogfish Head Brewery, Dogfish Inn, and Dogfish Head Brewpub. Sam Calagione, Dogfish Head founder, who started the company in...

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