Earth Creations

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Made in USA Clothing for Kids : The Ultimate Source List

I'm here to tell you… finding made in USA clothing for kids is possible! Believe it or not, there ARE a lot of companies out there that manufacture children's clothing in America. Here is a list to prove it! Don't miss our Ultimate Source Lists for American made summer clothing for kids, Made in USA school uniforms, American made children's swimwear, pajamas for kids and holiday clothing for kids. Made in USA Clothing for Kids Made in USA T Shirts for Kids: Soul Flower Soul Flower is an earth loving clothing brand for Women, Men and kids. Mindfully made with...

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Support Industrial Hemp Farming in the USA. Here’s Why.

I want to clarify right at the start.  We are talking about industrial hemp here, NOT marijuana which is also known as ‘weed', ‘pot', and ‘Mary Jane'. So let's talk about hemp…. There is a difference between hemp and marijuana Though both hemp and marijuana are cannabis plants, industrial hemp does not contain enough levels of the chemical THC to cause a ‘high'.  Rolling industrial hemp into a joint and smoking it does nothing, except cause a very big headache. The 8th Annual Hemp History Week is June 5-11, 2017. Find an event near you. The Importance of Industrial Hemp Hemp...

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