Gordon Brush

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More Than a Foot Massager: The Footmate System is Made in the USA

I was recently offered a chance to try the FootMate System and I'm excited to be working with them to share the story of this made in the USA product. Not only is it the best way to massage tired feet after a long day of work, but the FootMate brush and Rejuvenating Gel also offer many more benefits to our body…and to our country. Read on to find out how. A foot massager and so much more: The FootMate System Beauty & Personal Care Summer will be here before you know it! Are your bare feet ready to make...

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Gordon Brush: Proud To Be An American Manufacturer {Guest Post}

The month of October is recognized in the United States as Manufacturing Month, with National Manufacturing Day on October 4th. There are events being held all over the country, as industries open their doors to the public to to raise the awareness of the importance of American manufacturing, and to highlight careers in manufacturing.  Check out www.mfgday.com to find an event near you. At USA Love List we will have posts all month dedicated to manufacturing in America. Today, we share with you our first Manufacturing Month guest post submitted to us by Alan Schechter of Gordon Brush Mfg....

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The Finest Foot Care Made in the USA: Review of The FootMate System by Gordon Brush

The FootMate System by Gordon Brush is a total foot care system, made in the USA, that cleans, stimulates, massages and soothes your feet while showering or bathing. Sounds like a cool idea! When they offered me the chance to try it, I was game to go for it. Here's what I found: There are 2 components to the FootMate System, both of which are American made: 1. The FootMate brush. The FootMate brush is a large brush that is contoured to easily reach all sides of the foot. The inner bristles are soft, and gently massage the bottom...

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