The FootMate System by Gordon Brush is a total foot care system, made in the USA, that cleans, stimulates, massages and soothes your feet while showering or bathing. Sounds like a cool idea! When they offered me the chance to try it, I was game to go for it. Here's what I found:

There are 2 components to the FootMate System, both of which are American made:

1. The FootMate brush.
The FootMate brush is a large brush that is contoured to easily reach all sides of the foot. The inner bristles are soft, and gently massage the bottom of the foot. The outer bristles are hard, and smooth away dry/ rough skin. There are footpads on the sides of the brushes to help the FootMate stay in place on surfaces that the suction cups on the bottom won't stick to.

2. The Rejuvenating Gel.
The Rejuvenating Gel is an anesthetic, and cleaner. It contains witch hazel, aloe and tea tree oil, all of which are classic foot care ingredients.

I have come to LOVE my FootMate System! Here are the reasons why:

The FootMate System is easy and convenient to use.
All summer I wear shoes as little as possible- it's bare feet, flip flops or sandals from the end of May until the first frost.  By the middle/end of the summer, the bottoms of my feet are rough, and my heals are hard and dry.  Using a pumice stone regularly has become a part of my summer routine. The thing with the pumice stone though is it's not shower compatible. I am not coordinated enough to scrub my feet with a stone while standing in the shower without falling over! Being a mom of 2 kiddos makes it challenging enough to take a shower alone, never mind a shower and time to pamper the feet! The FootMate System is easy and convenient to use because I can take care of my feet while showering- it's a two for one deal for this super low maintenance gal.

The FootMate System is not just a foot care system, it's a whole body care system.
It is a medical fact that proper foot care leads to an overall healthier body. Improving the circulation in the feet (which has the worst circulation of all body parts), can aid in building up immunity to illnesses. Now I can't say for sure if my immune system has strengthened, but I can say that I can feel the circulation improving through out my feet and legs afterwards. It's hard to explain, but this feeling is both rejuvenating and relaxing.

I highly recommend adding the FootMate System to your summer (and every season) foot care routine! The FootMate System also makes a great gift, and as always, it is Made in the USA.

Disclosure: USA Love List received this product unconditionally for review purposes. Our opinions are always our own, and we aim to write fair and balanced reviews to promote only the very best of American-made products.

Made in the USA Stamp image, Stuart Miles