Green Field Paper Company

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6 Tips for Planning an American Made, Eco Friendly Wedding

According to, the average American wedding costs $31,213. What better way to help increase the American economy and promote US businesses than to make sure this money is spent on made in the USA items! Whether the soon to be married couple is planning a wedding with an eco-friendly theme, or they are just conscious about the environmental impact of their special day, here are 6 tips on planning an Eco friendly wedding- with American made wedding essentials, of course! 6 Tips on planning an Eco Friendly Wedding 1. Host a wedding at a local farm or winery.  ...

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Support Industrial Hemp Farming in the USA. Here’s Why.

I want to clarify right at the start.  We are talking about industrial hemp here, NOT marijuana which is also known as ‘weed', ‘pot', and ‘Mary Jane'. So let's talk about hemp…. There is a difference between hemp and marijuana Though both hemp and marijuana are cannabis plants, industrial hemp does not contain enough levels of the chemical THC to cause a ‘high'.  Rolling industrial hemp into a joint and smoking it does nothing, except cause a very big headache. The 8th Annual Hemp History Week is June 5-11, 2017. Find an event near you. The Importance of Industrial Hemp Hemp...

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