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Give Some Love To Your Favorite Makers For the Martha Stewart American Made 2014 Awards

Have you heard of the Martha Stewart American Made 2014 Awards? In case you need to be schooled, this is the third year that American makers in the fields of crafts, design, food, and style are nominated to win $10,000 for a chance to grow their business. SHARE your favorites by Tuesday September 9 to influence the judges and move your favorites into the finalist round.  Simply click to their American Made 2014 Awards profile and share the profile on Facebook and/or Twitter so they can move on to become a finalists. Our Martha Stewart American Made 2014 Awards Picks Some of USA...

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Eight Made in USA Must Haves for a Swell Roaring 20s Party

If you're going to throw a themed party, I highly suggest making it a Great Gatsby or Roaring 20's themed one. There are so many cool props and items you can find, all of which are made in the USA. Did you catch my post yesterday about American made Flapper Fashion? If you liked that one, go all out with these fun finds: Champagne Scented Candle Nothing quite feels like a party roaring 20's without champagne. If you're looking for a little piece of luxury, light a Domestic Goddess Champagne Sparkle candle, close your eyes, breathe deep, and you'd...

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Seven American Made Gifts For Craft Cocktail Lovers

For everyone who firmly believes in the saying, “It's 5 o'clock somewhere.”, this list is for you! We think you'll love USA Love List's American made gifts for craft cocktail lovers. For more gift ideas visit American Made Gifts for Enthusiasts of Craft Cocktails.  Seven American Made Gifts for Craft Cocktail Lovers I know I love a cocktail of quality. Whether you like to make them yourself or enjoy one that's already made, there are options for both. Bully Boy White Whiskey is my go-to spirit. It's has the attributes of both vodka and whiskey – it's clean like vodka,...

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