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Angie’s Picks: 30 American Made Gifts Under $30

All of us at USA Love List have things that we especially love.  This is my list of some of those items,  30 made in USA gifts for $30 or less – a very giftable price point. You will find many of my choices to be Made in USA beauty products. As both a licensed salon professional and Beauty + Style Editor on USA Love List, this is my area of expertise.  I personally sampled, own, use, and recommend everything on this list. Angie's Picks: 30 American Made Gifts Under $30 5 Gifts for the Home Alfi – High...

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Spring Style for the Luxe Lady – Fashion, Home, & Body Luxury, all American Made

We have the American-made pieces you need to step up your spring style.  These items don't just look beautiful for a season; they are timeless, polished pieces of fashion for the luxe lady.  Each item is a statement and will deliver the look and feel of luxury to your ensemble.  We have also included some made in the USA comforts for the home. American Made Luxury Spring Style Dresses Floral prints are in this spring and the KOMAROV  line of spring dresses has many gorgeous prints to choose from. Each dress is handmade and hand pleated in the Los...

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Sleep Better: 12 American Made Picks to Deliver a Good Night’s Sleep

It's National Sleep Awareness Week. How have you been sleeping? I know I sleep better when I'm buying American made products I can trust. The rest of the USA Love List editors feel the same way. We started talking about bedtime and sleep products made in the USA and got giddy about all of the ideas we came up with. Here is our list of personal favorites. You'll sleep better when you #BuyAmerican – #NationalSleepAwarenessWeek Click To Tweet     Jill Homiak, Fashion & Lifestyle Editor National Sleep Awareness Week Picks:   I use Rejuva Minerals non-toxic, vegan and gluten-free beauty products...

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6 Steps to Healthy Summer Skin – The American Made Guide

When summer hits a little more skin starts to show.  Now we all want healthy summer skin for our body.  It looks and feels so much better.  Get your body's skin care in shape with 6 easy steps and made in USA body products. 1. Wash your body without stripping the barrier. JAVA Skin Care has a coffee infused body wash that cleanses, increases circulation, boosts cell turnover, has antioxidants and acts as a natural antiseptic.  This is the facial wash the body has been asking for.  There whole line is exquisite in its delivery, scent and results. 2....

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