Luca and Stella

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Angie’s Picks: 30 American Made Gifts Under $30

All of us at USA Love List have things that we especially love.  This is my list of some of those items,  30 made in USA gifts for $30 or less – a very giftable price point. You will find many of my choices to be Made in USA beauty products. As both a licensed salon professional and Beauty + Style Editor on USA Love List, this is my area of expertise.  I personally sampled, own, use, and recommend everything on this list. Angie's Picks: 30 American Made Gifts Under $30 5 Gifts for the Home Alfi – High...

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Gold and Glam: American Made Beauty + Fashion Finds

This season, gold and glam is on trend.  It is the perfect choice for  year around style.  It gives some glam to the bore of the cold.  We have the American made beauty and fashion items to get your collection started off in fine form. Accessories are an easy way to add gold to your look. The statement necklace:  The Color by Amber Petal Necklace creates the perfect amount of polish to getting all dressed up and adds some style to an everyday outfit. These bangles by Luca + Stella add personal flair to your outfit.  You can wear them solo but...

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American Made Fashion: Three Fashion Tips For Wearing Black

You already know Second Base offers some of my favorite American made fashion, especially when it comes to foundational pieces. I love wearing black. Doesn't every woman? It's easy. It goes with everything and it creates the foundational color of your look. Fashion Tips For Wearing Black Black isn't exactly a summer color, so here are my tips for wearing black during the summer, or for any season really, while still looking seasonally appropriate and on trend. Pick another bright color, blue, pink, green, or yellow, depending on your skin tone to pair with black. Wear something with a pattern to make...

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