You already know Second Base offers some of my favorite American made fashion, especially when it comes to foundational pieces. I love wearing black. Doesn't every woman? It's easy. It goes with everything and it creates the foundational color of your look.

Fashion Tips For Wearing Black

Black isn't exactly a summer color, so here are my tips for wearing black during the summer, or for any season really, while still looking seasonally appropriate and on trend.

  1. Pick another bright color, blue, pink, green, or yellow, depending on your skin tone to pair with black.
  2. Wear something with a pattern to make your outfit pop.
  3. Don't forget to accessorize. I love wearing a chunky bangle or a series of skinny ones to create an “arm party”.

American Made Fashion From Second Base via

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American Made Fashion From Second Base via

{TopSecond Base Meredith Midi | SkirtHard Tail Skinny Knee Skirt in Lizard Ombre #1 | Bracelets Luca + Stella| Sandals: Sbicca Ankara

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American Made Fashion Tips For Wearing Horizontal Stripes

Check out my tips for wearing stripes this summer too! Are you sure you can't pull them off? 

American Made Fashion From Second Base via