Minky Couture

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Sleep Better: 12 American Made Picks to Deliver a Good Night’s Sleep

It's National Sleep Awareness Week. How have you been sleeping? I know I sleep better when I'm buying American made products I can trust. The rest of the USA Love List editors feel the same way. We started talking about bedtime and sleep products made in the USA and got giddy about all of the ideas we came up with. Here is our list of personal favorites. You'll sleep better when you #BuyAmerican – #NationalSleepAwarenessWeek Click To Tweet     Jill Homiak, Fashion & Lifestyle Editor National Sleep Awareness Week Picks:   I use Rejuva Minerals non-toxic, vegan and gluten-free beauty products...

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Six American Made Winter Necessities We Love… no, NEED, Today

As the East Coast is being slammed with (yet another) winter storm, and the kiddos are excited about (yet another) day of cancelled school, I am ready to suffer through enjoy (yet another) day of being snowed in with my family. I have lost count of the number of snow days we will have to make up this summer. I have forgotten the names of the storms that have visited. But I do know that these American made winter necessities have helped make this cold, white winter more bearable. Englander wood stove This is our first winter with this...

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